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  1. Hi Raphaële, How are you? I hope that you have had a good week and that your mum is fine. It is more difficult now with the Coldplay songs - it does not work any longer to choose Low and Now my feet wont touch the ground to be sure that your favourite stays on - some of the newbies choose these over Clocks and Viva la Vida. We must test them in relation to 42 and Daylight.

  2. Hello Anna, How are you? Is your back etc. okay - or even better FINE (which I hope) - again? NANCY

  3. The LP5 announcement will be at 5:45 Mexico time (and your time, I think). It is at 11:45 UK, 6:45 eastern US (and 12:45 my time). We will know the LP title (probably Xylo M...) and the artwork. Some hope (and know) that it will include new video and single.

  4. In yesterday's free paper there was an article about Coldplay (but no review of new album - that will come Monday or Tuesday). The paragraphs starting with (you guessed it) M-Y-L-O X-Y-L-O-T-O. M(aybe the new album will be the last Coldplay album) Y(ellow) L(ighed = equality about Coldplay being a democracy and sharing their income equally) O(rientation week at the University College in London bringing them together) X(&Y) Y(ou can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella - Rihanna duet and Gwyneth singing that song in Glee) L(ondon, Paris and Madrid being able to hear Coldplay live within the next couple of months) O(xfam and Amnesty International being 2 of the organizations supported by the boys. T(itle of the new album - what the Oracle wrote about it) O(slo - Nordic fans gathering in Oslo on 4 November - 4 special concerts to be held in 4 cities - the fans can win tickets via competitions).

  5. You wrote: "For those of us that win at spamming (and should be shot because of it)." In that case it must be a screen shot - hopefully there is a screen saver around! I saw that you have made a spamming elite group. Congratulations NANCY

  6. Dianne, I wish you and your dear ones A HAPPY NEW YEAR - may it be a good and Coldplay-filled year.

  7. Hej Louise, Til din orientering kan jeg fortælle dig, at ifølge programoversigten for VH1, Danmark er der i aften kl. 20 Coldplay Onstage (fra Japan, maj 2008). Hav en god dag.

  8. Nej, desværre - jeg ved kun hvad de skrev i MetroXpress. In yesterday's free paper MetroXpress there was an article about Coldplay (but no review of new album - that will come Monday or Tuesday). The paragraphs starting with (you guessed it) M-Y-L-O X-Y-L-O-T-O.

  9. Hej Louise. Hvordan går det? Her går det fint - jeg er begyndt som ledsager for en russisk handicappet dame. I dag var der Coldplay top 12 fra VH1, Danmark: 12. Viva la Vida. 11. ETiaW 10. Speed of Sound. 9. Yellow. 8. Fix You. 7. LiT II. 6. Clocks. 5. Hardest Part (fra X&Y). 4. Don't Panic. 3. In My Place. 2. Trouble. 1. Paradise.

  10. Here is the email for the Anchorman / A : [email protected]

  11. Hello Amy, I could have written the same thing as Anette / Destrokk. I have wished happy birthday too, but have no idea who Fatima is. I guess that she is from Peru, right (someone wrote Peruviana or the like).

  12. And I think that you two (U2 pun) like VIVA LA VIDA (my absolute Coldplay favourite song and absolute favourite song at all - together with U2's ONE.

  13. Hello Carrie, Yes, both PM's from you arrived without problem. So your info was included in the email to the hostel reception (just as Julie / Juliejulle wrote). When receiving your second PM with the booking reference no. I was impressed that you found that info so quickly understanding that you was on vacation and the info was received by your work place. So all things considered (work place email, bad internet connection) it was even more admirable that your reply was so prompt. THANK YOU. I am very much looking forward to our meet-up in July.

  14. Congratulations You're going with Léa, right? I have not found a partner yet.

  15. I don't know. I have been in contact with Julie, and she could not say whether she could until tomorrow noon (maybe afternoon). I will not forget you. What about your mum as someone over 18 years old should still be on board together with you according to what Busybeeburns wrote to me in reply to my question.

  16. My day: Up listening to Coldplay on BBC One Live Lounge. Writing and sending 20 Christmas letters to more distant family members and to some friends. Then online here after having dinner.

  17. I find it very nice indeed that you work for oxfam. :thumbsup: For how long have you worked for Oxfam? What exactly are you doing?

  18. Hi Raphaële. How are you? I am fine in a wonderful, Spring-clad Copenhagen with temps. around 20 degrees C. and sunshine with some clouds. Which of the new Coldplay songs is your favourite? I really like Magic - from the first listen. I also like A Sky full of Stars, but yes, it reminded me partly of Rihanna's We Found Love. I liked O - and particularly the part with Apple and her friend Mabel singing. Really moving / emotional.

  19. Happy birthday, Laura. I hope that you are having a good birthday. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:

  20. Nice. People will not suspect that which can sometimes be quite good. Have a nice Sunday.

  21. Hi LORE, I read that you feel like partying. And then the GIF. That made me think of a time when a coldplayer was banned, and Mark was so pleased so he filled ½ Coldplaying page with dancing and very happy smileys. I have been to the memorial service for Norway's victims on 22.7.11 - it was very solemn as it should be.

  22. I haven't made any plans for the time after coming home from London. I tell you these weeks passed by so fast. And I returned to a just as warm Denmark - 28 degrees on Thursday and Friday. Saturday it was "only" 26 degrees Celsius. It will be strange for you to talk and think in French again after spending around a year in London. But you will manage, of course.

  23. Guten Abend SueDeNimes, Wie geht es dir? Hoffentlich gut. Ich habe soeben ZDF Text-TV gelesen und habe folgende Nachrichten für dich, falls du an Robbie Williams interessiert bist. ZDF zeigt das "Comeback Konzert" von Robbie William am Samstag, dem 7. November 2009 ab Mitternacht . Es ist von einem 60-Minutigen Zusammenschnitt des 90-Minutigen, langen "Comeback Konzerts die Rede. Robbie Williams spielte neue Nummern sowie auch einige seiner grössten Hits so wie "Come Undone", "Millennium" und natürlich "Angels". Im ZDF-Programm "Wetten, dass" am Samstag Abend, dem 7. November tritt Robbie Williams mit dem am ersten Rang/Platz des deutschen Single-Charts plazierten Comeback-Single "Bodies" auf. Wie oben geschrieben habe ich die Informationen aus ZDF Text-TV. NANCY

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