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  1. Hi Coldspot,


    AFAIK you can tune up to G, however the string is not usually designed for this on an acoustic guitar, that said I've never tried to tune it up more than 1 semitone, but I've watched so many cheap strings break that I'm now scared to push any string above it's designated tuning!


    What I usually do in a case like that would be to use a Capo. For example, the song "Say It To Me Now" by Glen Hansard is in Open E - so the G string gets tuned it up to G#. However, this tuning can only really last for a week of playing in my experience, that string will snap sooner or later. So, instead, I tuned my guitar down to Open Eb and put a Capo on Fret 1. Tadah!


    Hope that helps :)

  2. Hi Jonathan! :) Welcome to the forums, or at least, as a poster! I love Israel :)


    The piano sounds great, love it. It's pretty loud though, relative to your voice, in a studio recording the vocals is more prominent.


    You're a great pianist! :) Pretty good vocalist too, so it'd be worth getting a couple of lessons to improve your breathing technique!


    I'm guessing it's the chorus on the violins, but one of the effects sounds very modulated and therefore artificial. It just doesn't need to be there since the only modulation in an orchestra performance is the acoustic space and their vibrato :) In the Viva La Vida recording, there IS an otherworldly quality to the intro reverb (which lowers in volume as soon as chris starts singing), which I think is just a long predelay and no high frequency damping. Just a guess though.


    The chord inversions sound correct but the arrangement is lacking a few components after the first verse, though I probably don't need to tell you that.


    No cello's?


    The drum sounds a bit too synthy, might be worth looking for another sample. I couldn't hear the bell at all?


    Cubase ftw! :)

  3. Hi there Hulsey,


    At that 23 second mark, he plays a fifth. I don't know if that's right. I suppose it could be. But I just play the 12th fret on the G string. And in videos, it looks to me like this is how Jonny plays. Just the one string. Middle finger on the string, index finger flat muting all the other strings.


    If your arm hurts from moving your wrist fast, then it would be worthwhile examining your technique. Keep in mind that you're not strumming, you're just repeating this note on this string. It should be the same motion as scribbling pen on paper.


    As for the way he plays the verses, that's completely wrong. It's just the same two notes. I'm really struggling to articulate myself haha! it's 11pm and i'm tired. I'll see around somewhere if I can find the tab book scan that i used. if not, i'll just record a video for you.


    he got the chorus and the ending right, except for the strumming pattern! :D

  4. Dear burns: When I deactivated my deviantart, facebook, posterous, tumblr et al, I kept my coldplaying.com account. :)


    I honestly think the forum activity is more representative of the community's reaction to the new album, rather than its reaction to social media. Myspace and facebook have been around for what, a decade or two now?

  5. spintercell, that track sounds really great. That's along the lines of what I'd like my recordings to sound like. Were you using midi with that? I've only been using direct recordings, but I think I might give midi another go (last time I tried it, there was severe lag between what I was playing and when it was recording, but I didn't have my mac then). I'll have to go get a cord. Logic should still come with a decent selection of piano sounds though right?


    That'd be great if you could work on some of my stuff just so I know what difference it makes though.


    Thanks :) I have many different piano patches and will soon have more so you can certainly pick and choose the sound you're after.


    When recording midi, it's generally best not to monitor direct (i.e. listen to the computer playing the sounds) as it can have extraordinary latency as you've experienced. Unless you're after a sound that the computer is producing which can't be done with your keyboard, then it's always best to listen to the keyboard's audio, that way the performance won't be hampered by your brain thinking 50ms ahead. :)


    Most keyboards can connect via midi through a standard printer cable in the USB slot. I've never actually heard Logic's bundled sounds so I can't say for sure but after a quick search here's a song which seems to have been made with the preset Logic "pop piano" (top comment): [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRbLIK1brDw]Beautiful Piano Logic Pro 9 - 2011 Chill Out Music - YouTube[/ame]


    And even if you wanted to give me the recordings as separate tracks I'd still be happy to mix it for you.

  6. Hi Kacey,


    Logic is one of the prime competitors to Pro Tools for its comparative ease of use (believe me) and low price point. At the moment it's $200AUD on the App store. However, it IS mac only - there is no cross-compatability to be found whatsoever. (Since you're using Garageband, that shouldn't pose a problem.)


    Learning a DAW (digital audio workstation) is a dedication, and in the words of Hans Zimmer, like learning an instrument unto itself. Unfortunately, it isn't a matter of just "I get this software, my recordings sound better!" If it were that simple I'd be an engineer long ago :) I've dedicated a portion of my life to self-teaching recording and mixing. My favourite tool is Propellerheads Reason. This software is intimidating when you first see it, but will teach you how to understand the hardware side of recording, and as such can be very valuable as a learning tool as well as a creative one. However, it does not have VST support, so if you were planning to use Quantum Leap pianos, that's out of question - Reason have their own piano refill which I think is quite competitive.


    One thing to keep in mind is that the price you pay for Logic doesn't automatically come with the best piano sounds, nor the best dynamics processors (e.g. compressors) - you still have to buy those seperately! and some can get quite pricey. And then there's the learning curve! :)


    Before you commit to a DAW, decide if learning how to engineer is a time dedication you're willing to make. Logic, at it's price point, is a very good option - many professionals prefer it. Just keep in mind that it will be much more complicated than Garageband!


    Alternatively, if you don't want to go through the whole learning process, I am self-teaching mixing and producing (I primarily work with piano and orchestral music, and sometimes tinker with synthesizers). If you record your midi or audio tracks and send them to me, I'd be more than happy to run it through my software and send you the finished product as an mp3. It would be a great learning experience for me and would give you the time to focus on the important part - making music! If you want to hear what my work sounds like, here is a solo piano recording for something I'm working on, made with Reason Pianos - [ame=http://soundcloud.com/williamerasmus/a-town-called-earth]A Town Called Earth by William Erasmus on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame]

  7. Hey Adrian Lee, good to see contributing to the forums again. What a fantastic cover! You've nailed it as far as my ears are concerned. :) You've especially got MX, well, just about identical! Very impressed by your talent and wish we could collaborate someday but I think you're in Sydney, and I'm in melbourne...aahh well :)

  8. Eh it depends really. Most of the songs like Charlie Brown, Paradise, and PoC are heavily synth/stingy, so the notation might not be correct to your ears, but I reccomend it.


    Ahh I see. Well it says it's about $20 on amazon but local stores usually charge through-the-roof prices so I'll have to flick through it myself before i decide. :)

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