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  1. Hahah that would totally happen too! :dozey:

  2. Princess of China actually sounds great. I love it so much!

  3. Probably Princess of China or Don't Let it Break Your Heart. How about you?

  4. I like it a lot! I'm not sure how I would place it quite yet. AROBTTH is still my favorite for sure. It's so different from all their albums but in a good way! My mom ordered me the pop-up edition for my birthday because my birthday is today so I'm excited to get that :)

  5. Everytime I read your username, I say/sing in my head "People person's paper people". :laugh3:

  6. Who knows :shrug:

  7. It's kind of a weird name, but I'm not too bothered about it. At least it's not suepr cheesy or something, which would be worse. :laugh3:

  8. It's so exciting :heart:

  9. I'm still going to listen to it :nice: I'm excited no matter what :laugh3: And the album comes out 6 days before my birthday :blush:

  10. Heyo! I am sooo pumped for Mylo Xyloto. :dance: I can't wait to hear Paradise too. I wonder how it will be :cheesy:

  11. Yeah, I didn't really like them either

  12. My phone does the same thing. For a second there too I thought you meant something about the band The Kills.

  13. kills? You mean lolla? I'm assuming auto correct or something :laugh3: The rock am versions are still great :dance:

  14. Haha yes I believe she does... although I've been a little more than obsessed lately due to the concert.. I'm always on a concert high for like 2 weeks haha.

  15. I am so proud of my loud screaming skills and good timing :heart: She said it was freaking awesome. Her favorite part of Lollapalooza. She knows all the songs too. I'm so proud of her :blush:

  16. Okay I seriously just played back Us Against the World about 10 times and you can clearly hear me say "I LOVE YOU" and without a doubt Chris was responding to me :D I started fangirling so much haha I'm on a high right now he talked to me :cheesy: I bawled during Everything's Not Lost, and cried during Us Against the World, The Scientist, Fix You (obviously :p) and Life is for Living :nice:

  17. BAHAHAHA! Most likely you will be able to, and he spoke back to me! :awesome: At least I'm pretty sure he did.

  18. Exactly, I just think ETIAW was so enjoyable! Not the best-played though. I think the best played ones were all the new songs like HLH, Us Against the World, Major Minus, and Charlie Brown.

  19. My favorites yesterday were Shiver, MX/HLH, Charlie Brown, Us Against the World, Everything's Not Lost, an ETIAW. Haha, so many, I can't choose one, the entire show was perfect.

  20. Yes, Nicole and I say every year that we are the same age for like 3 days :heart: haha. And Stefan is 21, his birthday is June 9, 1990 [/creeper]

  21. Hahaha, my ears are ringing too. Um, well Nicole is MrsMartin333 and you already friended Stefan, right?

  22. Hello concert buddy <3 Tonight was amazing!

  23. That's a terrible band name. Are they any good?

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