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  1. Glynnnn!!! :surprised: :'D Hello!! :awesome: I know, it literally feels like we haven't talked in an eternity! I've hardly been on Coldplaying or w.a.s.t.e. in such a long time either... :uhoh: I've been doing quite well. :D Since I last spoke with you, I went to 3 more concerts - ALL in October. :stunned: It was such an awesome month!! I got to see Phoenix on October 1, Kodaline on October 11, and Franz Ferdinand on October 20! :awesome: :dance: Every show was amazing!! :nod: How have you been? :wacko: And, Merry late Christmas, and I hope you've been enjoying the new year! :nice:

  2. By the way, I am SO sorry for never replying to your previous Coldplaying messages! :stunned: At the time, school was still going on, so I was extremely busy with review work for finals, and since summer started, I've been too busy doing stuff on other websites (I got re-obsessed with Neopets :facepalm:) and nearly forgot about Coldplaying for a while. But, now I feel like my replies would be super late, and I don't want to clutter your profile with any more of my messages. :uhoh:

  3. I hope you are successful with learning Seven Nation Army on the guitar! :awesome: That'll be one awesome tune to play! :D And, I actually have Muse's "Under Review" documentary on DVD! xD My dad bought it for my sister and I as a Christmas gift 2 years ago, and it was a really cool documentary! :surprised: I learned a lot from it, but I actually forget a lot of the stuff in it because I watched it so long ago. :lol: He also bought us another Muse documentary called "Manic Depression", and that one was full of awesome information as well. :D All I know is that, after watching those two documentaries, I felt like I knew Muse much better! :nod: As for the other stuff I mentioned in my message on w.a.s.t.e., I actually have no idea what I said xD When w.a.s.t.e. finally ends their maintenance though, you can go on there and just reply to whatever else I said, but you don't have to re-reply to everything you already replied to on here. :nice:

  4. What's really funny is that, when I first heard of Phoenix, I thought Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was their first album! :surprised: :lol: And when I looked up the rest of their discography, I was amazed when I found out that they had 3 previous albums, and their first one was released in 2000! :stunned: It's all because of the lack of radio play of their previous albums. :shame: As far as I know, the radio never really played any songs from Phoenix's earlier albums, but overplayed their newer songs, and that's when their fame suddenly skyrocketed! It's strange how the radio is basically the magical device that controls a band's popularity... :thinking: And yes, I do know the White Stripes! :D I've known them for years, but never got completely into their music. :surprised: They are really awesome though, judging from the songs I've heard! And, Seven Nation Army is such an awesome song! xD The bassline and guitar riffs in that song are so cool! :cool:

  5. Oh, I didn't even know that w.a.s.t.e. was doing maintenance! :confused: I was actually just about to go mess around with my playlist on there a bit more, but I guess I can't! xD But, ahhh I'm so glad that you like Phoenix!! :awesome: :dance: They do have a very diverse sound, as you said. :nod: Really, I can hardly recognize them when I'm listening to their first and second album! They've changed so much, but their music is always awesome. :D And yes, Thomas (the lead singer, who is in my avatar, by the way :wacky:) has such a lovely voice, both singing and just talking with his beautiful French accent. :heart: They are such cool and awesome people! :cool: :awesome: And yeah, I highly recommend buying their new album! :D It took me a bit of time to get used to it, actually (there's a lot of synths, and no slower-ish songs), but I've been listening to it everyday since I first got it, and it is literally one of the best albums I've ever listened to! :surprised: :nod: :heart:

  6. And yeah, it's amazing how it's already almost summer! :surprised: The one thing I really hate about the hot weather is the humidity. :stunned: It never fails to curl my hair, after I've just spent an eternity straightening it! Happens every time!! :angry: I actually don't really have any summer plans at the moment, but I'm sure I will start making plans soon. Usually my summer consists of going to bed at 3am, waking up at 2pm, going on the computer, eating, repeat. It's very boring. :shame: But, I want this summer to be fun, so I am gonna try to make some plans with my friends or with my mom so maybe I can actually do something more exciting!! xD Have fun at your many graduations!! :awesome: And, if I don't get to talk to you again before the end of the week, have a great week! :D

  7. On a happier note, though: congrats on learning Plug In Baby on the guitar!! :awesome: I bet you feel so awesome playing it! xD That is one song that I've always wanted to learn on the guitar (when I finally learn how to play the guitar), and I'm so jealous that you've learned it!! :lol: And, yay! I'm so glad that you like Kodaline!! :dazzled: They are actually releasing their debut album in early June, and I can't wait!! :dance: I seriously still have not gotten over the awesomeness of the T.A.T.E. concert! :stunned: Every time I see them, they never fail to impress me with their energy and talent!! They are such a GREAT band, and it's such a shame that not that many people know about them! :( And the fact that they are such great people as well makes them so much more amazing!! :loveshower:

  8. Dude, I've been hearing about all of the tornadoes happening near your area, and I hope you are alright!! :stunned: In my Earth Science class, we keep talking about all of the tornadoes that have been happening lately and all of the damage they caused, and I've just been hoping that you are safe!! :surprised: We rarely have tornadoes in our area, so I can only imagine what it must be like! :(

  9. Sorry for taking up all of your Visitor Message space with the videos! xD It won't let me just post the links like it used to :shame: But I hope you enjoy the songs!! :dance: Oh, and I forgot to mention: After The Airborne Toxic Event finished, Mikel came across the front row to meet the fans who stayed (a lot of people came running back so they could meet him, and I was seriously suffocating while being squished against the barrier :stunned:) and when he got over to Haley and I, we gave him a big hug, and then he said, "Aww, you guys are so cute with your black hair and your smiles :D" and it just felt so awesome being complimented/acknowledged by one of my idols!! xD We talked with him for a little bit more before he moved on to the other people, but seriously... It was so insanely awesome to get to talk to him again!! :wacko: Dude, if T.A.T.E. come to somewhere near you, you must go!! :awesome: You will have the night of your life!! :D

  10. (Continued) We got to talk with the bassist for like 10 minutes after the show, and oh my gosh, he was one of the nicest and funniest guys I ever met!! :wacky: And, somehow, we got on the topic of Muse while we were talking to him, and he said that he was obsessed with Muse for the longest time! :D He was seriously so awesome!!! The band is called Kodaline, they are from Ireland, and they are definitely one of the most incredible opening bands I've ever seen! :dazzled: Here are two of the songs from their EP! :wacko: : [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty-YZvlMfME"]Kodaline - Pray - YouTube[/ame] [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vFZjCm2Wq8"]Kodaline - High Hopes LIVE at Real Radio - YouTube[/ame] Can you believe that they are a band that just started out and haven't even released their debut album yet? :stunned: Their music is some of the best I've ever heard!!! :heart:

  11. OMG, the concert was AMMAAAZZIINNGGG!!! :dance: :awesome: That was probably one of the longest concerts I've been to (which is a good thing, of course!! :wacky:) and they actually debuted one of my favorite songs from the new album at the show!!! :dazzled: The awesomeness actually started even before I got into the venue! My dad, my sister, and I were walking over to stand in line, and then suddenly, I see Steven (the lead guitarist) skating around on his skateboard near the tour bus!! My dad called him over, and then we got to talk to him a bit, and my sister and I got a picture with him on his skateboard, and it was so epic!!! :dance: He actually told us that they were going to be debuting "The Fifth Day" (the song I was talking about before :D) at our show, and I was SO happy when he said that! :awesome: The opening band was INCREDIBLE, as well!! I'm actually going to send you a few of their songs in another message because I guarantee you will love them!! :D

  12. I have not heard anything more about Radiohead's new album! :surprised: But, I did hear somewhere that it might not even happen, as Thom wants to focus more on his sideproject bands. :sad: I really hope that's not true because I really want new Radiohead music! I would also want something more OK Computer-y for their new album. :wacky: That would be amazingly awesome! It would even be amazing if they would go back to The Bends' style, but I doubt that will ever happen! :shame: I don't know if they are ever going to go back to the more rock-ish style, though. :cry: After OK Computer, they were tired of being considered just a rock band, and that's when they decided to change their style for Kid A and the proceding albums. I think their new album might sound a bit like what Identikit or Cut A Hole, with the beats that you wanna dance to. :D I wouldn't mind anything that Radiohead decide to do, but I do hope they make a new album!

  13. I normally go to concerts with my dad and my sister (the only exception was the Keane concert, when I went with my friend, her mom, and my sister). Is there a chance that maybe one of your parents would go with you to the T.A.T.E. concert? :surprised: If not, just take any random friend and go! :lol: I'm sure they would be in love with them afterwards, anyways! :awesome: The only other people I know who love The Airborne Toxic Event as much as I do are my sister, my dad, and you, so I can't really talk about them as much as I want to! :cry: I don't think my other friends like their type of music that much anyways, sadly, but oh well, they're missing out on the awesomeness! And yes, I will definitely tell you everything about the concert, afterwards! :D :dance:

  14. Oh my gosh, imagine if the girl holding the phone up, recording every song at the Muse concert, was the same girl at my concert? :stunned: That would be hilarious! Or maybe they're part of a Hold-Your-Phone-Up-During-The-Entire-Concert clan! :lol: I've been stuck behind people who take pictures constantly, but I've never been behind someone who didn't know how to put their freakin' hand down for one second! Sometimes I wish I could just "delete" people at concerts or rearrange them so I could have a better experience, and she was one of the people I wanted to delete. :laugh3: And yes, I HIGHLY recommend seeing The Airborne Toxic Event on this tour! Their new album is FANTASTIC! And, you will definitely not regret the experience! They love getting the crowd involved (sometimes they even go IN the crowd) and there's always the chance that you will meet them afterwards! And yes, there's always the chance of them performing Innocence, which is my favourite T.A.T.E. song ever! :awesome:

  15. I feel like I was also in a similar situation as you, where I was elbowing someone during every song, but I forget which concert it was. xD I think that at every concert, I always hit or bump into someone, sometimes constantly! I had a really awkward moment at the Civil Twilight and Mutemath concert in September where I was crushed between my sister's back and a guy's big belly, and I kept bumping into the guy's belly! :stunned: It was so awkward! Like I wanted to dance to the songs, but I didn't want to move too much because of that guy! xD Luckily, he and his family left during the middle of Mutemath, so I could actually dance as much as I wanted to. :D It is really, truly annoying being stuck next to such unpwoper fans! I swear, it happens at every concert! I hope that maybe at the Airborne Toxic Event concert this Friday, I'll have a bit more luck with the people I am around, but I doubt it. :shame:

  16. Shame on you for not replying soon enough! :angry: Just kidding! xD It's perfectly fine! I've been really, extremely, insanely busy with schoolwork these past few weeks (this is the first time in about a month since I've had free time to go on the computer for more than just a quick 10 minutes :uhoh:), so it's all right! :D I'm still so happy that Muse played Stockholm Syndrome, too! For the past 2 hours, I've been watching (well, listening to...) some of their live performances while doing my homework, and every time it's one of Stockholm Syndrome, I'm just like "Yeah, I got to see that awesomeness performed right in front of my face :awesome:". Like, right now, I'm listening to a performance of Stockholm Syndrome (Live from AOL Sessions 2006), and I no longer feel that oh-if-only-I-could-see-this-performed-live feeling; I now feel the heck-yeah-I-saw-this-performed-live feeling! :dance:

  17. I'm glad that you enjoyed my pictures! :awesome: I'm really surprised at how good some of them came out, as it was very difficult to keep my hand still while I was jumping! :lol: The entire stage design was just fantabulous! The pyramid, and the designs on the screens of the pyramid, and the lasers... everything was just amazing!! :D As of this Friday, it will be 4 weeks since the Muse concert! :cry: But, I actually get to celebrate the one month anniversary by going to ANOTHER concert! xD I'm going to see The Airborne Toxic Event for my fourth time! :dance: They just released a new album last week, and now they're touring America, and I highly recommend that you see them if you have the chance! :surprised: :awesome: :D

  18. The people around me at the concert (besides one guy who was jumping around as insanely as I was during every song xD) were not pwoper fans. :( They were just standing there, not singing any of the words!! For some reason, at every concert I go to, I am always stuck near the most drunk/annoying/unpwoper fans!! :shame: And oh my gosh, this one girl in front of me was literally recording almost EVERY song on her phone, so her hand was up in my view for almost the entire show (which was quite frustrating!), and it kind of ruined my chance of getting a lot of epic pictures. :( But I did get plenty of awesome pictures when she put her hand down! xD And I will send them to you in a private message! :D So besides the annoying people around me and the girl's hand in my view, it was seriously such an INCREDIBLE concert!! And now I am dying to see them again!! MUSE, COME BACK TO MEEEE!!! xD

  19. Oh my gosh, as soon as the screens changed to the roulette thing popped up on the screen, I just got so excited and nervous and I just totally freaked out! xD I couldn't even look at the screen for the longest time! Then as the ball started dropping, I looked back at the screens and had my fingers crossed that it would land on Stockholm Syndrome, and it did, but then it moved over to New Born, and then it landed on Stockholm Syndrome again and stayed in that slot and I just totally FREAKED OUT! :bliss: I started jumping around like a maniac and then I hugged my dad (we were both insanely hoping that they would play Stockholm :awesome:) and in the process of this crazy-excited-freaking-out-crying moment, everyone around me looked over at me like I was a freak or something, and as I was flailing my arms everywhere, I accidentally whacked the woman behind me on the arm xD I couldn't help but get so insanely excited!! Stockholm is my FAVOURITE Muse song!! :dance:

  20. THEY PLAYED STOCKHOLM SYNDROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AKJFAKDLGAKDJLKSN :dance: :dance: :dance: :bliss:

  21. That's very funny that you pranked a lot of people on April Fool's! :laugh3: What were some of the pranks that you did? xD I, myself, am absolutely awful at pulling pranks. When I try to be sneaky, I always get caught in the act, and then all of my amazing plans just fall apart! :lol: So that's why I don't even attempt to prank people nowadays. xD And actually, no I do not watch the Walking Dead, but I do somewhat know what it is about, since all of my other friends watch it and talk about it nonstop! xD I've heard that it is an awesome show, though! :D And thank you for liking my Matt avatar! :awesome: Your avatar is very awesome as well!! :dazzled:

  22. I totally cannot believe that I'll be seeing Muse in LESS THAN A WEEK NOW!! AHHH!!! :bliss: Now, every time I wake up for school this week, I'm gonna be thinking, "OH MY GOD, I'M SEEING MUSE ON FRIDAYYY!!!" :dance: At least it's something that will actually motivate me to get out of bed in the morning!! xD I have a feeling that it is going to be THE most insanely breathtaking, epic, incredible, awesome, unforgettable concert I will have ever gone to! I cannot believe that, after three years of waiting for Muse to come back to America, I'm only going to be seeing them DAYS from now!!! :awesome: :D Yeah, your concert photos are absolutely amazing!! xD If I get any decent pictures, I will show them to you! :D And, I know! I'm gonna miss seeing that epic March Madness commercial! The first time I saw it, I was just frozen with awe... It was just so AWESOME!!! But I'm pretty sure someone has posted it on Youtube, so we can keep watching it there!! xD

  23. Yeah, exactly! Even though I'm gonna be hoping that they play Stockholm Syndrome the entire time, I'm gonna be so insanely happy if they play just one note of any song! :lol: That's just how awesome they are!! :awesome: I seriously don't know if I'm gonna make it out of the venue alive... :laugh3: Last night, I saw Muse perform Madness for the big Final Four March Madness tournament, and despite the fact that the beginning of the song got cut off and it was only on TV, I was still bawling my eyes out and fangirling! xD I can only imagine what it's gonna be like when they're actually IN FRONT OF ME!! :stunned: Oh my gosh, I hope your neck is alright now! xD I feel like there's going to be another "Don't Let it Break Your Heart incident" throughout the entire Muse concert, where I'm going to get huge bruises on my knees from jumping around and continuously whacking my knee on the seat in front of me! :laugh3: I should wear knee pads! xD

  24. Oh, and I forgot to say, the pictures that you took came out AMAZING! :dazzled: They are so epic!! xD

  25. My Muse concert is only **2 WEEKS** away now!!!! I cannot believe that it is seriously THAT close!! How can this really be happening?? :stunned: It won't be long before I'll be sobbing with excitement! xD Right now, I'm in that shocked stage, where I still don't realize that I'm actually going, but as the time goes by, I start getting more and more excited, until I just start crying like a weirdo! :laugh3: Oh my gosh, I don't know if I'll be able to handle the epicnes! I've been dreaming of this day for the past 3 years! :surprised: I've always been saying "My life is not over until I have seen Muse! I REFUSE to die until that day has come!" :lol: And now it is so close! AHHHH!! :bliss:

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