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  1. Haha, now that we've been talking about a new Keane album, I'm already getting excited for it! :lol: I seriously cannot wait until they say that they are back in the studio working on their next record. :D That will be some very exciting news! By the way, have you listened to any of Keane's b-sides/rare songs? :surprised: (Songs like "Thin Air", "Walnut Tree", "To the End of the Earth", etc.) They are fantastic!! :dazzled:

  2. I guess you can call me Oreo...just because~ Ummm....I'm into anime and Japanese stuff :wacko:

  3. Yeah...Hopefully xD It came out really bad~

  4. It's fine :awesome: And, I'd probably be dead without my dad xD He basically "formed" my life~

  5. Yeah, I did get out of school for two days because of the hurricane. :D The hurricane was really scary, actually! My area didn't get the worst of it, but the winds were ridiculously gusty and I seriously thought all the trees around my house were gonna collapse. :stunned: But thankfully, they did not! :nice: And YES, I've seen like every Muse setlist they've had on this tour so far! AHHH, they're all just so freakin' epic! I love how they're playing part of Host (a **b-side**!!) before Time is Running Out! That is just so absolutely amazing! :awesome: And they've been playing Falling Down and Sunburn, too! :dead: The sad thing that I noticed is that Stockholm Syndrome has been on and off the setlists, and that's the song I've been DYING to see performed live for years!! I'm just praying that they keep it on the setlist for my show. That's one song I am really looking forward to seeing live, and I'll probably be bawling my eyes out the whole time they play it. :lol:

  6. I already asked if I could switch out of that gym class in first term, but the guidance counselor didn't let me for some reason :sad:. I really wanted to switch! Gym class is my worst enemy, and, for some reason, my sister loves it :thinking:. And, don't worry, I make mistakes in gym class all the time, too! :lol: Oh, I am crazy about my hair. When I am in class, I pay attention, but I am fiddling with my hair the entire time, making sure that every stand of hair is in place. I have OCD, just in case you didn't know~ I am EXTREMELY organized, and I have become obsessed with everything being 100% perfect. Sometimes, I might stop doing my homework just to fix something on the table that is not straight. It bothers me that much :lol: Well, I think that English is probably the hardest language to learn! It might be easy to learn the basics, but once you really get into it, it's tough to understand. I've spoken English all my life, so I am very used to the way we talk :D

  7. Haha, I really loved what the forum did for Halloween! :D I went on Coldplaying briefly, and then I saw the new design, and I was like "Woah, this is so cool! :awesome:" xD Sadly, I didn't get to actually celebrate Halloween, as I really wanted to, because I had so much homework and a ton of tests to study for. :shame: Homework always prevents me from enjoying my life, and it's so annoying. :| And yeah, I really like your "soul song" phrase! :D It makes a lot of sense, so I use it a lot now in my music conversations XD

  8. It's okay!~ :hug: I screw up all the time, too! :nice: I remember when I was presenting my English project (with a group), I pronounced two things wrong, and my group started laughing at me, and then I finally realized my mistake, but it was too late :sad: Everyone else pronounced it correctly when they presented...What an embarassment :( Well, the good thing is that she knows I'm shy, so she doesn't call on me unless there's a big confusion. :D

  9. That's so interesting that we both relate to the same songs in the same way! :nice: My friend and I also found our own "Sovereign Light Cafe" a few months ago, and we visit it often, when we're actually getting along well. It's a little, nice book cafe, and we go there to do our homework and chat about anything that's on our mind. :) And yeah, that's what always happens with songs I listen to; even though they may not be my favourite at first, I never give up listening to those songs, and then they end up standing out to me later on, when they kind of connect with how I feel at that moment. :smiley: Like, a lot of the songs on Strangeland didn't stand out to me until I felt a connection to the song... And sometimes, it's not even the fact that I feel a connection, it's just a sudden realization that the song is so amazing. There's always song I don't like that much at first, and it just takes time to actually become one of my favourites. :D

  10. *calls unicorn buddy* "Dawg, we goin' to the LAND OF PIZZA ADVENTURE~ Pick me 'n' mah buddeh up at teh rainbow fountain....See ya there, home slice." He's gonna bring us to the LAND OF PIZZA ADVENTURE~ Pack your spaghetti...We might need it for the epic ride of epicness :awesome: :awesome:

  11. NOES. They are cannibal D:

  12. AHH, I'm so happy for you and your appreciation for Madness!!!! :dance: :D I knew you would become obsessed with it eventually!! xD It's been stuck in my head since I first heard it! :lol: I know for sure all of the songs on the 2nd Law are gonna be SOOO awesome, and they're gonna sound AMAZING when they're performed live!! :awesome: And don't worry, I don't think you're the only one who will be close-to-dying when we finally get to hear the entire album. :lol: I'm definitely gonna just FREAK OUT xD The 2nd Law is gonna be so freakin' epic!!!! :D :D :D And YES, I've heard about Chris Martin's tweet!! :awesome: Ah, it's so awesome that the lead singer of one of our favourite bands is in love with a song from another one of our top favourite bands!! :dance:

  13. Oh, cool :D The Japanese music I listen to mostly comes from anime~

  14. I was kinda in the back and on the right side. I had a seat on the end, and I was happy about that :lol: There was this drunk dude in front of me and someone smoking crack behind me, but it was still a great concert~ My best friend was with me, and now she's addicted to Coldplay, too :D

  15. Imma gonna eat chu~

  16. I have the deluxe edition of Strangeland, and I really love the extra songs it comes with. :heart: When I first listened to the whole album all the way through, I actually didn't like it that much. I felt like most of the songs lacked the "power" that the songs on the previous albums had, but as I listened to it again and again, a lot of the songs started to stand out, like "Watch How You Go", "You Are Young", "Sea Fog", "Strangeland", and a few more, and now I really love the album. :nice: :D I really can't wait until my Keane album collection is complete! :dazzled:

  17. I just wish I could have seen it! It makes meh mad D:<

  18. 08 words are cool, though xD

  19. What's your favorite music video? :awesome:

  20. *throws a pitchfork at you* TAKE THAT, NUB. ;D

  21. I wasn't in the front row or anything, I was over 30 rows back, but they were still GREAT seats! :D I was able to see the whole stage setup and I could see every band member clearly, and it was just amazing. :wacky: I still haven't gone a day without thinking about that concert. :awesome: I've been wearing my Radiohead shirts everyday since then, haha. :laugh3: AHH. Wow, you are so lucky!!! What did you guys talk about? :surprised: I think this is the best picture I took from the Radiohead concert by the way... You can see how awesome the stage was and everything. :awesome: http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z61/Whyvillex3/Radiohead%2029%20May%202012/DSC08280.jpg

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