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  1. Again, I am sorry for taking almost 3 weeks to reply! :uhoh: I am not good with replying early... :uneasy: I blame school for making me so busy!! :angry: But now I am on vacation, so I can enjoy myself for a week! :D Well, I never got to tell you how the Keane concert was!! It was absolutely AMAZING!!! :dance: I got in the second row, and I was so ridiculously close to them!!! :awesome: And the setlist was amazing as well! :heart: They playing "She Has No Time", which was absolutely beautiful, and "Spiralling", and when they started playing "Is It Any Wonder?", I was jumping around like a maniac and I almost fell over! :laugh3: It was just so absolutely incredible! For the longest time, I thought I was never going to be able to see them, and I am so satisfied, happy, and thankful that I did! :nice: :heart:

  2. I shall reply to your messages later, but I thought I should tell you some amazing news: I AM GOING TO SEE KEANE TOMORROW!! :dance: You have no idea what I had to go through just to know that I was definitely going to this show, but it was totally worth it! :D I will talk to you again after the concert! :awesome:

  3. Oh, and good news!! I am going to see Keane on Wednesday!! :dance: :D I am going to be travelling about almost 3 hours to Maine to get to the venue, but I don't really care about how long it's gonna take, haha. :lol: It is going to be amazing! I can't wait! :nice:

  4. I apologise for the very, very late reply! :sad: I haven't had much time to get on the computer for the past 2 weeks because I've had so much homework to do. :\ Wow, Perfect Symmetry was the first Keane album you listened to? :surprised: I think that if I had listened to that album first, I would not have gotten into them as much as I did because I think I would not be used to the sound of the songs... I started with Hopes and Fears, then listened to Under the Iron Sea, and then Strangeland, and I got so used to the sound of those songs because they were somewhat similar. And then I listened to Perfect Symmetry and I was actually surprised by the funkiness and different sounds in the songs! But I got used to it quickly, and now I absolutely adore that album! :nice: :heart: I'm really obsessed with the song The Lovers Are Losing right now. :D I keep singing it in the morning while I'm getting reading for school and while I'm doing my homework, haha. :laugh3:

  5. I am a person who, no matter what, ends up loving every single album of a band, even if I didn't really like a specific album at first. It was the same thing when I was getting into Radiohead.. The first 3 albums were very rock albums, which I loved, and then after that, they became a bit more electronic and different, and it was a bit difficult to get used to the different sounds. But in the end, I ended up loving all the albums, and I've listened to each one probably over 100 times! :lol: And yes, go listen to Spiralling!! I cannot resist dancing to that song! :laugh3: :dance:

  6. And yes, it is so funny that we can never fit what we have to say in less than 3 messages! :laugh3: I wonder if the day will ever come when we run out of things to talk about... :uhoh: But I highly doubt that will ever happen because we never stop talking! XD

  7. Continued... What's really strange is that it was actually difficult for me to get into a Christmasy mood this year. :thinking: I don't know why, but I actually wasn't very excited for it and "it didn't really feel like Christmas at all" (that was kind of a Christmas Lights reference by the way :cool:). It was a great Christmas, but I don't know, I just didn't have that much holiday cheer this year. :\ Yes, it is great to have Muser parents! My dad is much more of a Muser than my mom though, but my mom still appreciates their music. :D My dad is the one taking me to the Muse concert 3 months from today, and I guarantee he's gonna be rocking out just as much as my sister and I are going to be! :dance: The Muse concert is at the same place that the Coldplay concert was at, so it's gonna bring back so many memories from that concert. :surprised: Bleh, 2013 hasn't been that fantastic so far. But I'm just looking forward to the concerts and new albums that await! :nice:

  8. Continued... The Keane DVD that I got is called "Strangers" and it includes a documentary and a bunch of incredible performances from 2004-2005. :awesome: It is great!! :D WOW, all your Christmas gifts sound amazing!! I'm actually STILL waiting for the last of my gifts to be delivered. :confused: But some of them actually came in last week, and I got a little Mew snow globe with the Mew angel inside of it! :D It's so abdorable! And I also got a Mew keychain, to add to my bands keychain collection. So far, I have a Coldplay keychain, a Muse keychain, and now I have a Mew keychain! :D I am very happy. :awesome: OMG. Before I forget, I just wanted to tell you that, as of this school year, I've seen 2 guys in my school wearing Muse shirts!! :stunned: Last year, there were absolutely no Musers in my school that I knew of, and now that I've seen people with Muse shirts, I know that awesome people in my school actually exist! :surprised:

  9. I am sorry to hear that you have had the flu!! :sad: I absolutely despise getting sick. :shame: I think there is actually some sort of flu going around in my area, and I really hope I don't end up being one of the victims... :uhoh: I hope you are feeling better though! :nice: Yes, I absolutely love Matt's clothing style! :lol: He can wear the most craziest things and still look amazing! :awesome: Have you seen the recent photos of Muse in Japan?? They were wearing the most funkiest outfits I've ever seen! :laugh3: Haha, I also have a pair of "Wembley pants", as your dad would call them. xD I actually bought red pants not because it's the new style and everyone is wearing them, but because it reminded me of Matt and Thom! :lol:

  10. I think most of the songs from Perfect Symmetry are unique, especially Better Than This, as you said. It is amazing how they can incorporate somewhat strange and distorted piano sounds and still make a fantastic song! :D And yeah, at the moment I am in the mood for that upbeat, somewhat funky music, so I've been listening to Perfect Symmetry for the past few weeks. :nice: But, when I am in the mood for mellow songs, I listen to Hopes and Fears as well. That album is just absolutely perfection. :heart:

  11. Strangers is such a great DVD. :wacky: I plan on watching it again when I have the chance! I just have to find a way to get to the extra documentary footage... I know there is extra footage on the DVD, but I don't know how to access it. I'll figure it out somehow. :thinking: All of the songs that you listed are absolutely great! :nice: I've been listening to the album a lot for the past few days, and I am really enjoying the songs Better Than This, Again and Again, and Perfect Symmetry. I am actually really in love with the song Perfect Symmetry at the moment. :dazzled:

  12. Those sound like some awesome Christmas gifts! :D I got quite a lot of band merch (band t-shirts, CD's, etc.), which is just what I wanted, haha. :awesome: Oh, I also got the Strangers DVD! :nice: I just watched it yesterday, and I learned a lot more about Keane. :wacky: And the performances included in the DVD are amazing as well! :heart: Yes, Perfect Symmetry is an amazing album! Hmmm... so far, I really like the songs Spiralling, The Lovers Are Losing, You Don't See Me, Playing Along, and Love is the End. I'm sure there will be other songs that will stand out to me soon... I just have to listen to the album a few more times. :nice: What are your favourites from that album? :surprised:

  13. Yeah, it has been a while since I've seen all of the LOTR films, but I plan on watching them all again soon. :) I might be seeing The Hobbit tomorrow or Sunday, and I am very excited!! :awesome: By the way, did you get any awesome gifts for Christmas? :nice: I finally got Perfect Symmetry, and I listened to it for the first time today, and I absolutely love it! A few songs actually brought tears to my eyes because they were so amazing... There are a few songs where I still have to get used to the sound, but overall, I think it is an awesome album. :D

  14. All I needed was to type one more sentence, but of course I went over the character limit. :shame: But anyways... What did you get for Christmas, my fellow Coldplayer-Muser-Radioheadhead? :awesome:

  15. Continued... Oh my gosh, that is exactly how I am as well!! :laugh3: I swear, it literally takes me HOURS just to write a sentence when I have to write an essay. :stunned: But of course, I always over-analyse every word and sentence that I type, so it always takes me like 10 hours to type a whole essay. :uhoh: My Christmas was great!! :awesome: I got a lot of band merch (which is just what I wanted :D) and some warm black sweaters for the cold weather :nice: I normally don't wear sweaters, and all I usually wear in the winter are really thin long-sleeved shirts, but the sweaters that I got surprising fit very well and I like them a lot! :awesome: They are so cozy. :cool: For band merch, I got a U2 shirt (which I always wanted), a T.A.T.E. shirt, a Mew shirt, a Muse shirt, a cool replica of The Edge's guitar, a Keane CD, a Keane DVD, and a few more things still have to be delivered to my house... so Christmas is not completely over for me just yet! :D

  16. Merry (late) Christmas! :D I was too busy on Christmas to go on the computer and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but I hope you don't mind my lateness. :surprised: Hahaha, you are totally right about how, no matter what, we always end up acting like a complete idiot around the person we like! :laugh3: I always get extra giggley and weird around the guy I like, so he probably thinks I'm on drugs or something... :uhoh: I hope one day he will realize I'm a completely normal person (haha, well not **completely** normal) and not a weird, clumsy nutcase. :uneasy: Yeah, I am pwoud to have the title of "the girl with the awesome pants" :awesome: My sister says my preference in pants is very much like Matt's preference, but of course he looks a lot better in sparkley/crazy-coloured/crazy-styled pants than I do because, you know, he's Matt Bellamy! :surprised:

  17. Woah, The Hobbit is going to be made into 3 movies?? :surprised: That's awesome! Now I can look forward to those movies too! :D LOTR (The Twin Towers) was on last night before I went to sleep, and it just made me want to see The Hobbit even more now. :lol: By the way, Merry early Christmas! :nice:

  18. I definitely cannot wait to see The Hobbit. I keep seeing advertisements for it on TV and it just looks so awesome! :stunned: In your opinion, do you think it is as good as the other Lord of the Rings movies? :surprised:

  19. It is really difficult not going over the character limit. :stunned: I swear, when I write essays that have to be a certain amount of words, it's the most difficult thing, but when I'm typing to you or some of my other friends, I basically end up writing a whole essay about random stuff on accident. :laugh3: Oh my gosh, a muse.mu shopping spree!! :dance: That sounds awesome!! I already own a ton of Muse merch from the US shop, so I ordered only one Muse shirt for Christmas, and I can't wait for it to arrive! I hope it gets here for Christmas, but if not, I will be happy whenever it arrives. :smiley: I usually celebrate Christmas the day of. :D I still get to spend time with family on Christmas Eve (which is tomorrow, WOW I just realized that) and have a nice meal, but Christmas is when I get to open all of my gifts. :awesome: I seriously CANNOT wait!!! :bliss:

  20. There are plenty of other embarrassing moments I had around the guy I like, but if I even bother telling you any more, I'd take up the character limit again. :lol: Dude, I STILL have to see The Hobbit!! I've been wanting to see it since it first came out, and I keep asking my mom if I can go see it. I have a week off from school this week, so that finally gives me some time to go out and see it! I've heard it's an awesome movie! :surprised: Wow, those early Christmas gifts that you got sound AWESOME!! :D And, emerald is such a beautiful gem! I also have a real emerald ring (from my grandmother) and I wear it all the time. :nice: I've received two early gifts as well! I got a huge container of beads from my friend so I can make bracelets and my mom got me these awesome black jeans with a velvet floral design on them. :awesome: I love unusual pants. :nod: I swear, people at school know me as "the girl with the awesome pants" XD

  21. Omg, don't you just hate how you just suddenly start to be all clumsy and weird around the guy you like?? The SAME exact thing happens to me! :stunned: I feel like he thinks I'm an idiot or something! I remember one of the last days of school last year(when the guy I like was in my Spanish class)I had to walk to the back of the room to return my Spanish book to the teacher and sign some sheet, and it was like the most difficult thing ever trying to get to the back of the class! The desks were so close together and, of course, I had to squeeze in between HIS desk and some other kid's desk(I was so nervous :uneasy:)and then I took a few more steps and completely tripped and kicked a metal thing that was connected to one of the computer desks in the back of the room, and it made the LOUDEST noise. And the class was in the middle of taking finals, so everything was quiet and all you could hear was a loud "BANG!" It was quite embarrassing. XD Everyone just looked back at me and was like :|

  22. Well, I can always try to find the song somewhere else. :) I want to listen to it! I'm glad to hear that The Hobbit was great! I am seriously getting a bit impatient because I want to see it so bad! :stunned: I have a week off from school this week, so this is the perfect time for me to try to get to the theaters and see it. :surprised: Haha, yay for Tom Chaplin avatars! :awesome:

  23. Aww, the video that you tried to send me is not available in my country. :shame: I hate when that happens on Youtube. I just want to watch a music video or something, but for some reason, it's only available in certain countries. It doesn't make sense. :confused: I bet the song that you tried to send me is a lovely song, though. :smiley: Yeah, I really cannot believe how long it's been since the last Lord of the Rings movie was made! I still haven't gotten the chance to see The Hobbit yet, but I might be able to go to the theaters and see it tomorrow. :awesome: I've been looking forward to it! I have not read The Lord of the Rings books yet, but I definitely plan on doing so some time soon. :D And yes, that is Tom Chaplin in my avatar, haha. :nice:

  24. Continued... Oh my gosh, I always freak out when songs from my favourite bands play in movies! :surprised: I haven't seen the new Spiderman yet, but I'll probably end up crying too when I hear 'Til Kingdom Come! :cry: That song always makes me so emotional, as it is the last song on my favourite Coldplay album, and also a song with very emotional lyrics... :heart: YES, I LOVE The Lord of the Rings series! I've been watching the movies since I was a kid! :dazzled: I haven't read the books yet, but I definitely plan on doing so some time soon. And I also really want to see The Hobbit!! I wanted to see it this weekend, but every place is busy because of all the Christmas shopping going on, and I have panic attacks when I'm around too many people at once. :stunned: Ahh, I also love the sight of Christmas lights.. :nice: They're absolutely beautiful! :heart: And yes! "Christmas Lights" always helps to get me in that Christmas mood. :awesome:

  25. Hahaha, your frozen yogurt story just made me laugh out loud like an idiot! :laugh3: How is that even possibly for the yogurt to start streaming up your arm?! XD Oh, but now that you mention frozen yogurt, I really want some... :surprised: I haven't had frozen yogurt since like.. summer time. :stunned: Your story reminded me about what always happens to me when I go fill a cup with soda from the soda machine... I put the cup against the lever thing, and then I get distracted, and when I look back, the soda is like overflowing everywhere! :lol: That happens all the time! xD And yeah, every time I message you, it gets closer and closer to Christmas! It's almost a week away now! :stunned: I can't wait! :awesome:

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