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  1. *translates* Orly = Oh really?~

  2. Well, have you heard of a game called Wonderland? I used to play it all the time, until I found out that it was extremely boring~

  3. No :sad: What's it about?~

  4. Geez xD Trying to kill me with this question?~ Probably Jonny :3

  5. Oh, I already added you! xD I forgot~

  6. Do you have a YouTube account? :awesome: I need more people to talk to on there xD

  7. I love the Speed of Sound video xD It's absolutely epic~

  8. What's your favorite music video? :awesome:

  9. I just wish I could have seen it! It makes meh mad D:<

  10. Lol xD Yeah, I was too short, and after what my dad told me about the concert, I go through my stage of depression every time I think about it :sad:...

  11. It's not that much....There's people that have a lot more than I do xD And, I'll have to secretly take you to a concert, one day :awesome: lol~ I'll just stuff you in my pocket. Well, I know some people can go to Coldplay concerts all the time, but we never really have the money to do anything, so when my dad surprised me on August 3rd with those tickets, (after my excitement moment) my first comment was: "I thought you said that you didn't have the money!" He didn't, though. My grandmother (his mom) had to lend him some money, so I was very lucky that I even got to go..And, yeah I've heard the Twisted Logic Tour was epic, but too bad I was too short to see anything! I'll explain everything later...this comment is getting long...

  12. Lol..I forgot to answer your question AGAIN. I have 3 Coldplay shirts (1 from the concert in 05, 1 from the most recent concert I went to, and 1 from the online Coldplay shop), a Tour Program from the Twisted Logic Tour, a Coldplay pin from the 05 concert, Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, Viva la Vida, Prospekt's March, and...I'm pretty sure that's it. I WANT POSTERS~ The only problem is...I have absolutely no room on my walls, at my dad's house or my mom's house, so...I don't know~

  13. I can slither into that box somehow :sneaky:~

  14. I'm still gonna steal it :awesome:~

  15. I forgot to answer your question again... Yeah, they let me shop online, but only if it has that little lock at the top of the page that states it's a secure site. Ebay...just, no.

  16. Wtf D: I'm gonna steal everything from you in your sleep :sneaky:

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