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  1. Yup! :D I'm really glad that I don't have so much homework, so I can finally rest~

  2. Lol xD It's one of my favorites~

  3. I'm pretty good. I'm just really tired from school D: I need to catch up on sleep...

  4. Oh, good news! :3 My guidance counselor got together a bunch of kids (which we picked together) to talk to me during class to make me feel better~ Hopefully that works! xD

  5. You're very welcome ^^ How are you?~

  6. Well, it's very hard for me to adjust to new things!~ That's the entire reason why I am having such a horrible year D:

  7. That would be worse D: I wouldn't know anyone there Dx

  8. I have no idea...They just make me feel like an outcast...~

  9. Well, at least you don't have to go through what I'm going through~ It's terrible Dx

  10. Oh, it's a NIGHTMARE! D:

  11. Oh, it's a NIGHTMARE! D:

  12. Yeah...hopefully~ It makes me depressed when no one wants to talk to me :cry:

  13. I'm pretty good, I guess ^^

  14. Hey, we haven't talked in quite a while! :3 How are you?~

  15. Oh, it's horrible! D: I have absolutely NO FRIENDS in any of my classes! Dx

  16. This is the worst year I've ever had so far~

  17. Nothing really....I'm just having a really horrible time at school D: How about you?~

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