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  1. Hi Nancy, I've not been very fine those last days but hope it will get better. I haven't listened to GS so far...

  2. Hello Nancy:) I'm fine despite the rainy weather here with temps around 16°C. I had luch in a restaurant in Paris yesterday with a good friend, also a CP fan so we coult talk about the new songs. My favorite so far is O but I had only heard a bit of the song. I'm really waiting for the album to be released. And I'm also crossing my fingers and everything I can to be able to get tickets for Paris. Have a nice week end:)

  3. Hey Jenni! How are you doing?

  4. Hello! I'm back home now and my brother is back in Spain. He lives on Mallorca island and I'm going to visit him twice a year. It's awesome that you could make a trip through Spain, Italy and the south of France. If you are planning to come to Paris one day, you are more than welcome at my home:) I love travelling, I'm going to Thailand next July. But it's time to think about working again on Monday... xxx

  5. Yes, Eastern holydays! And as I an a school teacher, I have the same vacations as children. My brother came for 10 days from Spain and we are now with my mother in the East of France. When I was in high school I used to have a few pen friends (internet didn't exist at that moment) and I loved to receive letters from various countries. Have a nice week end:) xxx

  6. Hello Marieta! I'm glad to have news from you. I'm very well at the moment thanks to a 2 weeks holyday:) Hope your family and you are fine. Raphaëlexx

  7. meeting twice in a year would be great!!!

  8. Of course we will meet if you come to Paris!!!! So glad to hear that:) If they go to Copenhagen for the next tour, I'm going too! (if the date is fitting with my schedule).

  9. Hi Nancy! How are you doing? I wish I was in LA but I'm not... I hope they'll play in little venues when they come to Europe but it's gonna be hard to get tickets!

  10. Very nice indeed:)

  11. It makes me so happy that you appreciate it!

  12. I'm so glad you finally got it! When I went to the post office, the woman said it would take 4 days to arrive... I didn't want to ask you if you received something because I wanted it to be a surprise:) That's great!!!

  13. Happy New Year Marieta! To you and all your family : love, money and health of course!

  14. You couldn't know it! Don't worry, it is always a pleasure to receive something, it's my 4th Secret Santa and I hope it's not my last!

  15. Hello Marieta! I love all you've sent me, the little notebook is pretty cute! I love chocolate but unfortunately I can't eat anymore due to healthy reasons:( Thank you again for being my amazing Secret Santa:)

  16. Hello Nancy:) I'm fine but very busy with work, even on Saturdays and Sundays! Have a nice week end:)

  17. I found it on facebook.

  18. Hi Nancy:) I'm glad that you had fun with zumba. I've just heard Atlas (it has leaked) and I really like it:)

  19. I didn't know you were practising zumba. Great!

  20. Thank you very much. I hope you are fine too:)

  21. Hi Nancy:) Today school was only for teachers, it really begins tomorrow. I'm fine but it's always sad when holidays arrive to their end...

  22. One year ago I was waiting with a very good number under my hand... Great memories:)

  23. Hi Nancy! I also remember you going to visit your father's grave. And of course I remember Parken and you coming with some fruits to help me waiting...

  24. Hi Nancy:) Hope you're fine. Just back home with a rainy weather.

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