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  1. :dance: Happy Birthday Dianne! :dance:

  2. I want it so badly...

  3. Hello dear Nancy:) I hope everything's fine for you. The weather in France is very sunny for a few days and I really appreciate this!

  4. hello Nancy:) The gig was really good, I'm going to look where the band is going to play again:) Bad thing I was working this morning and 5 hours of sleep are not enough!

  5. congrats to you too:lol: of course I'm going with Léa!

  6. Hello Nancy, I'm still with my mum but now I can have internet at home. What a revolution! Hope you are fine.

  7. Hello Nancy, I'm fine and the weather is about the same as in Denmark. I've just got back from a blood analysis and it's about -7°C but with a big sun:sunny: I have to do some housekeeping before rugby time in the afternoon:) Have a great week-end:)

  8. Hello Nancy:) I'm back home to have a quiet lunch and I've just seen your VM from yesterday. I was watching Criminal Minds on TV.

  9. my tactic is to put What If or Low or A Whisper against a song I love! and I also noticed you often make me choose between Daylight and 42:p

  10. I'm so glad you finally got it! When I went to the post office, the woman said it would take 4 days to arrive... I didn't want to ask you if you received something because I wanted it to be a surprise:) That's great!!!

  11. Feliz Anniversario :dance:

  12. hello Nancy, of course I was upset yesterday but I knew it would be very hard to have some tickets so now it's OK. I should stay at home today and make some cleaning and tomorrow, I will take care of one of my neighbours, like I do twice a month. have a great week-end

  13. hello Nacy, we're gonna leave Paris at 11pm and arrive in London at 6:30am tomorrow morning. So yes a lot of time before check in! I think it's better if we exchange texts messages tomorrow morning but we will meet before 1pm at the hotel for sure!

  14. Happy Birthday Nancy!

  15. :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

  16. Hello Nancy:) I'm fine despite the rainy weather here with temps around 16°C. I had luch in a restaurant in Paris yesterday with a good friend, also a CP fan so we coult talk about the new songs. My favorite so far is O but I had only heard a bit of the song. I'm really waiting for the album to be released. And I'm also crossing my fingers and everything I can to be able to get tickets for Paris. Have a nice week end:)

  17. Guten Geburstag Phil! :dance:

  18. hello Nancy:) I have a two weeks holiday and I spent 4 days at my mum's. I drove back home today with her and she's going to take a flight for the south of France on Sunday afternoon. On Monday I think I will go to school for a couple of hours, I have an important appointment on Tuesday and later in the week, a friend of mine will come to visit me. How are you doing?

  19. Christina, you're too fast at games!

  20. hey Nancy! I have so many troubles and I can't sleep well at night but I hope everything will be better soon. have a good sunday too:)

  21. It makes me so happy that you appreciate it!

  22. :dance: Happy Birthday! :dance:

  23. hello Celien how are you?

  24. joyeux anniversaire!!!!!!!

  25. congrats for Plupon! :dance::dance:

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