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  1. Temps are around 23 here and it's sunny. I'm going back home within 10 days nd I will enjoy wandering in Paris before going to school.

  2. Hi Nancy;) How are you doing?

  3. It will start at the beginning of September.

  4. Hello Nancy, I'm still with my mum but now I can have internet at home. What a revolution! Hope you are fine.

  5. Hi Nancy, The weather here is getting colder as well and I'm stuck at home with work to do. Have a great week.

  6. I'm going to Aix en Provence, in the south of France.

  7. Hello Nancy:) you're right, less than 24 hours and it's going to be winter break for 2 weeks!!!!! have a nice Friday

  8. it's very cold in Paris and it snowed during the night. I hate snow!

  9. Happy Birthday Claudia!

  10. Hello, school holydays are divided in 3 parts for French pupils : some of them are on holydays now, and for Paris and its suburbs it will be on March 2nd (I think you might know whose birthday it is on that day)

  11. Hello Nancy:) I'm fine but very tired as I've worked again for two days now. I entered the Giveaway competition a few days ago. Natalie is so talented and sweet! Have a nice week end.

  12. Happy Birthday Nancy!

  13. c'était un plaisir!

  14. Hello Nancy:) I hope you are fine and weather isn't that bad in Denmark.

  15. hello Nancy:) I'm going to have lunch then I'll write you an email:)

  16. Happy New Year Nancy and all the best for you:) Hope we will be able to meet too in 2013. At that time, I'm not able to work because I'm too tired after one hour in a standing position.

  17. thank you so much for your nice letter, the photos and the MX confettis! I really love them. And you have a great handwriting!

  18. Unfortunately, I had to spend these days alone but it will be better next year. Merry Xmas:)

  19. Hi Nancy:) Merry Christmas to you! I had a quiet day with a walk in the streets near my flat and I watched live 2012 for the 546987846 time:)

  20. Merry Christmas! I know Duran Duran are still making albums, I only heard one or two songs but I have to listen the whole thing. Don't worry about the SS thing, I'm glad you got it before Xmas:)

  21. I used to have plenty of posters on my bedroom walls when I was a teenager. I was in love with John! :laugh3:

  22. I have to ask you : is it John Taylor on your avi?

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