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  1. je vais sans doute devoir me créer une autre adresse, je te tiens au courant. Bonne soirée, bises

  2. bonjour Isa, n'ouvre pas, je n'ai rien envoyé. Je viens de trouver des messages bizarres dans ma boîte également. Bisous

  3. I haven't sent any email so please don't open it. It seems that my mailbox has some troubles at the moment.

  4. Hi Celien, Thank you for your lovely card:)

  5. Hello Nancy! It's still hurting and I'm very tired but things are way better than last week. Hope you have a great week-end.

  6. I hope you are fine too:)

  7. hello Nancy:) I'm feeling better but very very tired. Have a nice day:)

  8. Hello! I wish my Portuguese would be as great as your French:) Muito Obrigado:)

  9. avec encore plus de retard, merci!

  10. Hi Nancy:) It's rainy today as I can see it through my window:)

  11. I don't think I've got enough money to rent it but I could ask him:P

  12. I would buy a flat in London if I could!

  13. hello Nancy My holiday started last Friday night, I'm just back from a 4 days trip with a friend and next Sunday I'm going to London!

  14. Hi Nancy:) I hope you are fine. 2 days left before a two weeks vacation! :dance:

  15. Hello Nancy:) I'm back home to have a quiet lunch and I've just seen your VM from yesterday. I was watching Criminal Minds on TV.

  16. Happy Birthday Brooke!

  17. she was all yellow:) Congrats! you deserve it!

  18. feliz anniversario Nanda :dance: parabens!

  19. I'm not going to Australia so I think MX tour is over for me:(

  20. Hi Nancy:) The weather is becoming colder nowadays and temperatures are just 8°C in the morning. Hannover was a really good gig, the boys were all in a very good mood (as you can see on many videos).

  21. Hello! I think I've got a cold or something like that. And what about you?

  22. I have to stay home tomorrow because I'm waiting for my new sofa!

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