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  1. Hi Nancy:) My last gig... :bigcry: Have a nice day tomorrow!

  2. Hi! I hope we can meet to celebrate:)

  3. http://mediathek-audio.br.de/index.html?playeronly=true&channelId=b3 that one works fine for me

  4. within 1 or 2 minutes

  5. I'm going to listen to the livestream! I couldn't sleep knowing there's a live going on.

  6. Hello Nancy:) I'm back home after a very busy day and I think I'm going to sleep very early tonight!

  7. Hello Nancy:) The weather here is very strange because 2 days ago it was sunny with 30°C and today was rainy with 20°C. So i'm feeling cold! Wednesday is still a day off, but maybe for the last school year. xxx

  8. Hi Nancy:) I'm fine but very tired as I haven't recovered yet from the past gigs and because I went at work a few hours after the Paris gig... The weather is very hot here, more than 30°C but today I've been staying home to work on my classes. What about you? Of course I'm going to watch the paralympics closure ceremony. A French TV channel is going to broadcast it.

  9. Happy Birthday!:dance:

  10. cheers from London!

  11. Hi Nancy :) I hope you are fine. I'm back home and I will spend a few days in London before going to Copenhagen. I have to check my flight schedule to give you the exact time. Have a good week end:)

  12. I spent a few weeks with my family in France.

  13. hey! sorry I couldn't be connected during my holidays.

  14. I don't think so. Unfortunately... If one day I can hear Daylight live, I think I would cry like I never had!

  15. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and to visiting Copenhagen!

  16. Hi Nancy:) I'm still by my mum's but I asked a friend of her if I could use her wifi connexion. I've just ben listening to Amsterdam and I hope they bring it to Copenhagen! I'm going home next Thursday and then I'm going to London for a few days. I'll arrive in Copenhagen on August 26th but I don't know what time it will be! I'll let you know of course.

  17. Hi Nancy:) I'm glad you had a nice day and to read that some good days are coming for you. Tomorrow I will drive to my mother's so I will be off for at least 1 month. I'll try to connect some day but I'm not sure I can. See you in Copenhagen within a few weeks:) xxx

  18. Hello Nancy:) I'm fine too. I had some guests today for lunch and they left at 5:30pm. I love cooking but not for myself so it was a pleasure.

  19. Happy Birthday Lore!:dance::dance:

  20. Hi Nancy, I hope you are fine today. I tried to go to school to work a little in the morning but I had to go back quickly because my classroom is a total mess! I will go next week:)

  21. Hello Nancy:) I'm fine thank you. Yesterday I had lunch with 2 friends the we ended having some tea in the garden of one of them! Today I was in Paris to buy some furniture for my flat. I'm glad to read good news from you:)

  22. Hi Nancy:) the weather is awful here, rainy and cloudy all day. My summer vacation goes until September 3rd, the day after Coldplay in Paris. I know I will be exhausted, also because I'm doing the Copenhagen and Stockholm shows the days before:)

  23. you did a very nice job:)

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