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  1. vacances oui enfin! j'espère que tu vas bien également. Bisous

  2. joyeux anniversaire Isa!:dance::dance:

  3. Hello (I don't know your name:() I've been listening carefully to your work and as a massive fan I think I've found from where you'd taken the live versions of each song! Thank you for doing that:)

  4. Hi Nancy:) I'm fine now even if I didn't sleep very well at night. It was raining cats and dogs for 2 hours in the morning and now it's sunny.

  5. The download has just finished and I begin to listen!

  6. Hi! I would be very pleased to hear what you've made. I PM you my email.

  7. Hello Nancy, I've been working 16 hours in a row yesterday and I'm exhausted and glad to be off until Monday! Have a great week end:)

  8. Hi Nancy:) The weather is very crazy here: 2 days ago there were 17°C and today was 32°C. Tomorrow 22 are expected... I have one week work left before summer holidays. I have a few medical issues in July (I'll write you an email to explain as I don't want to do it on board), then I'll go to visit my mum. Before going to Copenhagen, I've booked some days in London because I miss the city so much. Tomorrow night will be party at school and I think I should go to bed because it will last until midnight but I'm not tired! How do you cope with your job?

  9. Hi Nancy:) I had a great time during the week end but now I'm exhausted! I'm not really watching the game, TV is on but I'm working at the same time.

  10. surely it will be good but rainy! enjoy your birthday party:)

  11. Hello Nancy:) I'm going to take a train within 3 hours and spend the week end with my best frien and family. Tomorrow is my goddaughter's first communion:)

  12. Hi Nancy:) I'm fine, thanks. Though I'm a bit tired because I was attending a concert last night. The weather is pretty the same here...

  13. thanks again:) I wish I could have been to London but I had to work this morning:(

  14. you're welcome:) I learnt a few hours ago how to embed pics so I had fun doing it!

  15. Happy Birthday! see you in Copenhagen:)

  16. Weather in Paris is warm and sunny too. 25°C expected today. I'm going to write you an email but later, I have to unpack my luggage!

  17. happy birthday!

  18. joyeux aniversaire Béa! :dance::dance:

  19. Hello Nancy! THat's a good news for you! another part of job is great I think. I'm a little tired because I was in Zurich the previous week end. It was very hot and sunny and my skin doesn't like it... The gig was amazing, the boys were all in a very good mood, and I can't wait until August to see them another time:)

  20. Happy Birthday Amy! :dance:

  21. Hi! I think that you can do it if you're going in the 'statistics' thing. I never tried so tell me!

  22. joyeux anniversaire!

  23. joyeux anniversaire!

  24. c'est vrai! je ne peux plus m'arrêter de jouer dès que je commence!

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