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  1. congrats for Plupon! :dance::dance:

  2. I don't have enough time to post interesting stuff each time I post but the 27.000 are due to the Lounge games:lol:

  3. When I saw your username, I thought about the "elimination game of a lot of Coldplay songs" thread:)

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Yes, I'm going to work but I don't feel well enough like I was in the past week...

  6. same here, Thursday will be Ascension. But I will work on Friday:(

  7. Hello Nancy:) I spent a good night but now I 'm not feeling very good. Thank you for asking. Have a nice day.

  8. Hi Nancy:) Unfortunately I'm not feeling better but I hoope the 2 days off are going to help. Have a good week end too.

  9. Hi Nancy:) I try to recover from a bronchitis and it's harder than I expected. Today the weather was so hot 28°C but tomorrow will be 18 or less. So a very bad way for me to get cured!

  10. Hi Nancy:) I'm fine even if it was difficult to work after a 2 weeks holidays. Fortunately, there was no school on Tuesday! The weather has been awful for the last 3 weeks. Rain, rain and rain with sometimes a little ray of sun. Have a great day.

  11. hello Nancy:) I have a two weeks holiday and I spent 4 days at my mum's. I drove back home today with her and she's going to take a flight for the south of France on Sunday afternoon. On Monday I think I will go to school for a couple of hours, I have an important appointment on Tuesday and later in the week, a friend of mine will come to visit me. How are you doing?

  12. Hi Nancy, I hope you are having a good Easter day. :)

  13. good evening Nancy, the weather is cooler here too but sunny and around 16°C, not so bad:) have a nice week too:kiss:

  14. I will be off from the 15th to the end of April

  15. Hi Nancy:) Easter break is going to be one week after Easter, extremely logical:P

  16. Hi Nancy:) Easter break is going to be one week after Easter, extremely logical:P

  17. Hi Nancy:) I have to attend a birthday party too but later in the afternoon! Have a good Sunday.

  18. to answer your previous question, I'm living about 15 kilometers from where the bomb exploded in the morning. I think that political issues are also in the balance to arrest the terrorist or not. (Presidential elections within 40 days)

  19. Hi Nancy, the terrorist has not been arrested as TV announced it (French TV did it too).

  20. Hello Nancy:) temperatures will be better soon, don't worry! Tomorrow is my day off, you're right:D

  21. Happy Birthday Violet!

  22. hello Nancy:) The gig was really good, I'm going to look where the band is going to play again:) Bad thing I was working this morning and 5 hours of sleep are not enough!

  23. Hello Nancy, I didn't work today but I'm going to tomorrow. I didn't see The Artist but I love Jean Dujardin, the French actor who won an Oscar. Glad that you enjoyed the movie. Tomorrow night I will go to a concert in a little venue but far from my home. So I might not be online before Saturday.

  24. Hi Nancy, just back from a nice walk with friends. The weather is very nice, sunny and 17°C:sunny:

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