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  1. fr*ck but ive learned from my mistakes

  2. because kiss my ass romania

  3. she always steals my future lovers :(

  4. jk i didnt make it i just found it on tumblr

  5. what a coincidoink cos i love u

  6. maybe he's actually gay and loves a guy names jesus chavez or somethin and yes he loves me what??????? he just looks basic to me its not about sex in the city, its about sex and the city I WILL!!!!!! BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look behind u and my fist is waiting at ur door

  7. im so angry FRICKIN NUN!!!!!!!!!!! i think i wanted to with jake bugg but i was like ehhh no, its because when i talked about juan a lot you were okay with it because you thought he was cool too but now ur like Ummm,..........ok I KNOW IT :( i read that i laughed for like 10 minutes ITS TRUE omg who would be samantha? but it would be like sex in the imaginary city of our mind, like a physiological thriller version of sex and the city you got mail for ur JOKE [IMG]

  8. really? the album Dr Dee??????????? i thought just blur but still its coolio. im still here stuck in 2008 avant garde warp, help.. i need classic rock help omg that nun was a bitch she needs jesus bada tss, i hope ur sister knows that its not true omg ya know i feel sad now :( hug her and tell her that juan said that she's forgiven what if juan is the 13th apostle

  9. i just wanted to bring beer to the mexican dick party ur right, im happy with the leftover crumbs and i love it!!!!!!!!!!! im not complaining but you just said that i fucked up giving my adress because i couldn't stop yappin about his old Dick :( i love how dirty we are now like Dee And Anette: 16 years old, dirtier, raunchier and badder. but that sounds like a porn.... but think more like a reality show where we're two rich bimbos that talk about dick all the time. YES U GET AIDS congrats on ur AIDS. if we went bra shopping i'd burn them all and yell "FEMINISM!!!!!!!!!!!" we totally should because i wanna live in l.a because Guess Who Lives There :D :D :D :D

  10. yeah like Dr Dee was when he wanted to be Inde and obscure and WAtCHinG THE FIRE WAAALTZ Awaey yeah like if damon can make $$$ with songs like that then why can i but its still cool that even after blur he still was able to stay in music with gorillaz and be as popular, if not more. wanting the d is a part of life and if you think life is sinful Then You Know Where You're Headin' :( SHUT THE FRICK up. theres nothing to spice up in the bedroom other that holy water and im going to hell oh no

  11. i didn't know that apple carts was mainstream music. can i dance to apple carts in the club? can i raise the roof to damons falsetto in "Watching the Fire That Waltzed Away" ??? yeah man he was p hot but sometimes people change and you changed and he changed man changes ch ch ch changes and now u dont want his d*ck if he's all saint like, then i cant suck his d*ck!!! tahts the ISSUE!!!!!!!! but back in 2009 he would accept it and now im sad

  12. thats how i sorta felt with juan son because there wasnt a huge fan base like in 2007 or 2009 and i was late to the mexican dick party, haha but i meant christoph waltz. if i met a girl who liked him id be too embarrassed to admit it or talk about it to someone in rl OMG im SORRY but i did send u my other adress im sorry i talk about him too much omDGudg *explodes* ok let me pm u rn i used to sleep in bras too but then i stopped when my mom said that it wasnt good for me so i guess i realized how good it feels to not wear them?? i went to the park today and didnt wear a bra and i was sooo comfortable omg thats truuu im getting teary eyed now omg. yo tho for realz we dont live that far away. unlike other online friends who live 8376472346 miles away from eachother and were like less than 2 hours.

  13. how do you remember music from back then? maybe you just think it was good but you grew up and shit. or show me some GOOD Romanian music compares to EuroPop rejects of the X Factor no frick i dont want him, having him on fb was awk enough omg plus he likes entry level hipster music. I'm too avant garde for him. we cant have the sex.

  14. how is "Deakin" cooler?? but deacon sounds dumb unlike PANDA BEAR or AVEY TARE and FRICKIN GEOLOGIST well ok they're all nerds........ "but belly button is too avant garde for me" thats poetry man see u can write shit i find writing visual things hard, i like writing dialogue tho because its like when ur a kid and you made your stuffed animals talk

  15. no i hope NOBODY LIKES HIM!!!!!! im the only 16 year old who loves him ok!!!!!! shuu!!!!!! omg hope you bought me crap that youll never send me!!!!! man i use !!! a lot srry why spend so much money on bras though they're so annoying to wear. except for my spongebob bra Heck Ye you can obtain anything with a SUGAR DADDY :wink: omg really???? im going to make you watch every tarantino movie with me i almost have them all on dvd and they'r elike special editions so well watch the commentaries and special features HEHE wow im such a fun friend who the heck plays APPLE CARTS!!!!????? that song SUCKS!!!!!! so you dont like damon anymore? its okay bro i think im getting over juan son because he's gone all christian and shit and im like ok

  16. you cant stop me from dancing to indie entry level hipster romanian pop!!!!!!!!! UR NOT MY MOM!!!!!! i thought romanian music was stuck in the past like mexico, they still play rancheras and shit and its like get INDUSTRAIL RANCHERA COUNTRY MAN!!!!!! why the heck did max add u wtfRICK im adding him and were going to cyber sex Get Ready

  17. or i think he changed it because Deacon just wasn't it. and he needed change. so he went with DEAKIN I KNEW U WERE GOING TO TELL ME THAT IHATE U and NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well maybe frank ocean has an outie? i never noticed. maybe cos ur staring to much in the area close to his D*CK!!!!!!! actually yeah i'm trying to make more art thats less realistic and more emotion and shit dang u know me so well bro i think u might have stories to tell but you need to fabricate shit around it to make it interesting or less personal because then its weird. tahts what i did with the movie i wrote, tbh its about sh**** but how i felt after it and then at the end i go to mars.

  18. this is a lot to answer omg u dont have to fRICK

  19. they played Thinkin'Bout You and i was like hey and also blurred lines and i was like um ok and then Get Lucky and i was liek FUCK YEAH!!! why dont they play some early anco tho??????????? who??? haha i bought a shirt of his character in django unchained :disappointed: and pins of him :disappointed: :angry: :( i suck i love him with a beard OMG IM SO GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. do you think i care if you want to be a space woman????????????? because i do omg i never wanted to but at the same time id kill to go to the moon or mars ur welcome for the gif I GUESS?????? even tho i hate ur GUTS!!!!!

  21. if u dont have internet then how the frick are u talking to me? via cow? milky internet i'm dancing to this music rn i'm in my family living room dancing to Romanian Pop!! oh my frick send it to me i wanna remix some shit with that!!! we can be like the female skrillexeses my brother doesnt know who skrillex is and i spent all day today talking about his legacy

  22. Diana Please stop giving me Frankie pornography I'm with my family, this forum is not pg-13!!!!!!!!! butdang........ :cool: im starting to like this artist (actual painter not musician lmao InJoke) jean michel basquiat and Congrats man u did it!!! he reminds me of a black juan son idk why maybe its the hair???? first of all u Dip Shit deacon is really HOT!!!!!! also i found out its not deakin its DEACON!!!!!!!! its on my sung tongs vinyl FRICK!!

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