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  1. yo, i didnt even know there was one. i thought it shut down

  2. youp, it took me that long to see the message ;D havent been here since forever....

  3. yeah i missed this place :/ im trying to enjoy summer ;D

  4. :hug: how are you? :nice:

  5. dammit DD: that would have been perfect </3

  6. why cant you??? DDD:

  7. yeah its pretty much the same everywhere D:

  8. so how is your plan to come to ltu going? :P

  9. woha :O something to remember all your life :nice:

  10. omg you got to shake matts hand??? thats sooo amazing!!! congrats ♥

  11. im so happy for you :nice:

  12. they love finland D:

  13. thats so cool >.< how many times have you seen them? :nice:

  14. have fuuuun tho ♥

  15. WHAT? WHAT? omg im so jealous DDD:

  16. yo alive pumpkin? ^^

  17. what is up? :P

  18. apply for it :P

  19. and i want YOU to come so much!!!!! ♥

  20. Yeah come to Vilnius University, its literally right next to mine. and im not just saying. i could help you to get around here, find accomondation (you'd probably get one from university anyways) and etc. i know that a lot of things need to be thought of, but im just saying that you'd be VERY WELCOME here ^^

  21. which ones? ^^ cause if its in vilnius.... that would be perfect

  22. come to lithuania so we could hang out everyday, listen to music and watch movies while eating ice cream xP

  23. cool!! are you gonna do one? :P

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