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  1. when i graduated and all my friends went out to party, i went home and did some online sim racing :p just because i don't like being around drunk people :\


    yeah some people do get annoying when they're drunk :/ tho it really depends on a person. there are happy drunks, sad drunks, annoying drunks and etc ;D

  2. I don't need alcohol to have fun :)


    ^ I don't drink alcohol (irl) and I don't like parties, watching people get drunk and act silly isn't really my kinda thing :P I'd like to think I'm not boring :o :)


    yeah thats the point, you're not boring at all :nice:

  3. this pub is full of boring people all of a sudden[/color]


    that is a very mean thing to say! just assuming someone is boring cause they dont go to parties?

    usually its quite the opposite, the ones who go to parties (clubs pubs etc) are the ones who are boring cause the main reason for that its just to get drunk and do silly things under the influence of alcohol rather than having an intelligent conversation and getting to know a person. aka having fun without getting drunk.


    im not saying that you are boring! from the conversations i've had with you over the years i can tell that you are a fun person, but i'd rather if you didnt call people here boring ;)

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