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  1. So all this is fake? It's so pathetic and funny at the same time. I wonder what is the purpose of making think everyone that he broke is ankle :D
  2. I'm really happy for Chris and Gwyneth, I think they're happy together and there is no reason to hate her for what she has and you don't. I meant no offence. Really.
  3. labiausiai tai rhcp ir Coldplay, dar Beatlai prie širdies, Led Zeppelinai. kartai Oasis ir Elbow paklausau :D jo, paliko. Gavau 'geriausia' kaledine dovana. aš irgi tikiuosi, kad nepradingsiu ^^
  4. John Frusciante is RHCP ^^ Visus visus su šv. Kalėdom!! Žiūrėkit ryt gerai atšveskit, tik šiandien nepersivalgykit ;););)
  5. yra kolkas, bet Kalėdoms šlapdriba praneša, tai nieko gero....;/
  6. So RIP the most beautiful music era of the gratest rock band off all time. Then new chapter is going to begin. Since the rumors began It was so hard for me to listen to RHCP. Especially guitar riffs. It feels like a hole has been punched throuh my chest. I hope (I know) that soon it will heal and I will be able to listen to their music remembering good & fun times rather that feeling sadness and thinking 'why?'. The worst thing is that my dream is never going to come true- to see Chili Peppers live (with John in the line-up) I know that John is not dead and he will continue doing
  7. I still had a hope after all the rumors. I refused to believe that he left. I wish all this have hapened after the holidays. That's awful present from chili peppers. DAMMIT
  8. I still have a tiny little hope cause that's not really official. I think I'm not gonna fully believe it until I'm gonna hear it from one of them.
  9. I wish all of this is just a bad dream and I'm going to wake up any minute now. that's a great christmas present.
  10. I think that it's official that John left the chili peppers. http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/john-frusciante-has-left-red-hot-chili-peppers-says-source-229551 I'm going to say that it is the end of great music era, because JOHN was the guitarist of RHCP. No one can replace him. not even josh. it's not going to sound the same. Shit.
  11. I just finished "Scar Tissue" by Anthony Kiedis ;)
  12. I have only two cats. the rest of them are not mine. I love cats, as you can see :D
  13. That's the point! The performance is announced. So this must be just a rumor or sth like that. I'm not going to believe either until its official
  14. man taip pat malonu susipažinti ;)
  15. John is my favorite musician in the world. I'm not ganna hate him if he quits Chili Peppers. It wouldn't be fair to fans if they make new record, when there is a tension in the band and they don't feel passion in doing it. It would show in the record. They should better announce thyre retirement. Some ppl say they should replace John. RHCP would never be the same without john, or even Chad! A lot of ppl are going to blame (and hate) john if rhcp will split. But I won't. I still have some hope that everything is ok, maybe ppl are overreacting.
  16. I love Chili Peppers, they're originaly my favorite band ever. But there are bad news to: it seems like they're in a fight or something a lot of ppl say that John has left the band it seems imposible because then why they announced concert date? I hope this is not true, cause that would be heartbraknig, I've been waiting for them to come back for two years...
  17. aš Laura iš Plungės (17m) :D o tu?
  18. it's cold (as it should be in winter), but not rainy. no snow. and there is not going to be any on christmas. as usually
  19. na jo :D čia visam tam forume galima sakyt vien tik merginos :D
  20. 2012 7/10 that movie can bring paranoia to even the most unbelieving ppl (that the end is coming). atleast for a few moments :D
  21. I'm too lazy to put them on imageshack, so here is link to my gallery if anyone is interested (; http://nastiona.deviantart.com/gallery/
  22. Sveiki ;) neatrodo, kad labai daug čia lietuvių, bet nieko, tuoj ir aš prisijungsiu prie diskusijos ;D
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