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  1. Mojo Pin


    I'm a noob, give me some love :3
  2. I love Ruby's massive boobies DD
  3. Miss you too! We need to catch up soon <3
  4. Katuuusky <3 Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 5 mediante Tapatalk
  5. Rubyta bonita is a diva so i'm not surprised [emoji23] Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 5 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Christa! I miss you! Hope you're doing great!
  7. BUMP! Because i'm bored and i miss that damn evil cat.
  8. Over a week and i still can't get over this gig. Loved it! I taped this :wacky:
  9. Damn! I knew Manders! I thought some of the old ones came back but i was miserably fooled. Damn you all! *shakes fist in the air*
  10. I just came back to wish Christa a Merry Christmas cos she's awesome. Now i'm off for good :wacky:
  11. Fuck off and die! :kiss:

  12. Hello strangers, you saved me from creating a thread to aliante people with my old memories and nostalgic thoughts ^^ Ps. Yeah i was way too bored so i decided to sign in for a bit.
  13. Mojo Pin


    Gonna see Paul Mccartney again in 2 weeks but nothing much going on after that. Yeah, I heard about it haha! She's such a fangirl =P
  14. Mojo Pin


    Haha ah Christa you always find a way to make me smile :lips:
  15. Mojo Pin


    The lounge is dead yeah?
  16. It's ok :hug: I hope i get to see them eventually at least once. I'll check it out :lips:
  17. I have no Idea :o The only band I adore and haven't seen live yet is radiohead, i'm feeling frustrated here :disappointed:
  18. Rubyta of House Bonita aka Mother of Hipsters was here too? :o I'm just glad you're still here, it's always great to see a familiar face :hug: Haha yeah, wish Lorediohead was posting too :wacky:
  19. So I finally managed to see them last year after waiting for 18 years for them to come my way and it was glorious! My life is complete now, farewell.
  20. Christa! Whoa, you're a mod! I really missed out a lot around here haha! Congrats! :lips: And yeah, just for a bit though. Gotta admit I'm pretty lost around here and i dont know anyone anymore :uhoh:
  21. It's been a while for sure and I missed this thread.
  22. LSP :heart: Why is this band so good? :heart: x 2
  23. I'd looove that! Not sure if work will allow me to take vacations though :'( Miss ya too! How have you been dear? :hug:

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