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  1. More rumors? I hope they do it! But only if they actually play more than the popular songs at their US shows...

  2. As if that could possibly happen! You're too sweet Christa. :nice: Ooh, that sounds like it will be a ton of fun! Who's headlining? God, I'd love to do that. I'm just praying that they don't do the tour when I'm away at college. Although I suppose I could probably see them in Chicago. (assuming my college applications result in acceptances (aPPLICATIONS ARE DEATH))

  3. you look gorgeous in green :lips:

  4. Once I heard you and Angie went together, I figured it was something like that. :P It's fine, next tour (OR MUSE :wink3:) we have to meet up though! <3 I'll second that part about life being insane; I had the busiest two weeks recently fjdka I had a fantastic time, and it sounds like you did too! :dance:

  5. Of course, there's nothing nicer than being happy with the final product. :nice: I'm already taking German, so I'll probably continue that in college. Most of my family's German, and I've been to Germany so it makes the most sense. If I had to pick a 2nd choice from that list it would be Japanese simply because it's more interesting imo than Spanish/French. German (and English) is from the Germanic language family, French and Spanish are Romantic languages, and Japanese is just something entirely different (:lol:). So, by learning another language that's not German I would basically have to start over (ie: nothing's carried over between the languages, whereas there are many similarities between Spanish and French) so I might as well learn Japanese.

  6. fdjakl thank you! It took me over an hour last night D:

  7. Woo! I'm jealous! :wacko: Ahaha, my friends don't see ME anymore because I'm always on tumblr :sneaky: Thank you! tbh I'm not quite sure I'll enjoy it, I just cannot stand their new album. :\ But at least there's always the visuals, old songs, and general experience

  8. Pretty good! Been relaxing a lot, I had a hard school year. Only make an account if you're willing to sacrifice 80% of your day; it's addicting! :P Yay, that's exciting! I'm going to see Coldplay on the 4th of August, so I'll be good for awhile too. :dance:

  9. It's from the play Frankenstein, with Benedict Cumberbatch as Victor Frankenstein and Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature. I'm seeing it in July. :) Aw, boo, that's awhile. :\ Yeah, I've been on vacation for. . . three weeks now? :thinking: It's going great! You too!

  10. Hi! How are you? :wacko: I haven't been online here much because I found Tumblr (:dazzled:). Personally, I think it's average for them, but it works really well for the Olympics. YES I AM I CAN'T EVEN

  11. Hi! Yeah, I'm a HUGE fan of Benedict. c: I actually heard James Vincent McMorrow through Third Star, which Benedict's in, and now I'm a fan of him too. :) I'm not a huge fan of Coldplay anymore, but yeah they still have a place in my heart because of what they meant to me previously. Yes, I do have a tumblr! My url is smauug.tumblr.com. I assume you have one too? :wacko:

  12. I did! It was all over Tumblr, ahha. And that poster was made by people on Tumblr, basically saying that we're Americanizing Benedict. :laugh3:

  13. Ah, well Sigur Ros does kind of ambient music in Icelandic, White Lies is nice, alt rock, Hurts is kind of . . . alternative pop? :thinking: And Foster the People is fun alt rock. :wacko: Oh, I like Travis! :wacky: Scott Pilgrim was a hilarious movie. :lol: OOh those are nice! :heart: Yes, they will be filming a season 3, but not for at least a year. :\

  14. I like Muse, Sigur Ros, White Lies, Hurts, Foster the People, and a lot of classical music/soundtracks. :nice: You?

  15. Tom Hardy is just. :heart: And Hiddles and James McAvoy. Hiddleston is Loki in Thor and The Avengers, and was in War Horse. James McAvoy was in Atonement. I'd suggest Third Star, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Last Enemy, and To the Ends of the Earth. :nice:

  16. Oooh, yes the second one was quite good! And same, but I knew it was coming since I had read The Final Problem before. That's what I do too. Recently I've been checking out the work of Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, James McAvoy, Andrew Scott, and Tom Hiddleston. Ah, never seen Fight Club! :bigcry:

  17. I like Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars, and recently War Horse and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy were excellent. Third Star is probably one of my all time favorites, it absolutely broke my heart. You?

  18. I like how your name is pink. :wacky:

  19. Wow, that's a long school day! Here, I get up at 6 am, and school starts at 7:45. We get out at 2:20 and I'm usually home in about 2 minutes. :P I always go to bed around 10 but I usually watch movies on my ipod or something. :wacky: Wow, you really devote a lot of your time to education! That's great! :3 I get distracted too easily to do that unfortunately. :\

  20. Yeah, isn't that scene beautiful? The saddest part is that the only things that Sherlock knows to compliment John with (fantastic, incredible) are the things that John called him. So that means that the only person that's ever complimented Sherlock was John. Aw, I thought he did a pretty good job as Harry! :P (his ears omg <3 haha) I'm pretty good. Super busy though, hence the late message. :P How are you?

  21. Well, basically, she was going to be executed for things that she did in her past, and Sherlock saved her life. She's going to have to lie low for awhile so she can stay alive.

  22. Oh yeah, the early parts of Scandal are hilarious. :lol: And you'll see, it makes a lot of sense by the end. :wink: Um, that's about it to be honest. :lol: :P I love them both. Personally though, I think I like Sherlock just a teensy bit better, simply because he's so clueless and yet such a genius at the same time. :wacky: You too!

  23. Oh I completely agree, Andrew Scott is a fantastic Moriarty. Better, in my opinion, than the one from the Sherlock Holmes movies. :wacky: Oh, trust me, you'll love Season 2. :wacko: Thanks! :wacko: And no, sorry, I don't use MSN. :\

  24. mmmmmhhhhhmmmmm you know what i'm thinkin'

  25. Her maps would be black like her soul, with butterflies flying around Mount Olympus. :|

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