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  1. I would greatly appreciate a PM please! Thank you, kind sir.

  2. Yeah, a lot better than the live version. I hope Charlie Brown is the next single though, I don't want the popular song from this album to be Princess of China JUST because Rihanna's on it.

  3. Charlie Brown for sure, I don't like how quiet the vocals are on Dont Let It Break your Heart. But Im glad Rihanna didnt ruin Princess of China.

  4. o awesome! happy birthday! I got the pop-up too, it looks pretty awesome, but im not sure if the actual pop up book will be many pages or just the one shown in the preview...cause that would sort of suck. What's your favorite new song?

  5. haha well at least now we have Mylo. How much do you like it?! I think it might be their third best, possibly second after Viva...

  6. oh, thanks a lot!

  7. Hey, just wondering where you heard that the piano outro at the end of Charlie Brown was from The Peanuts show. I asked in the thread you originally posted that in but I guess you didn't see so I decided to ask here, just wondering. Thanks!

  8. yeah its alright, but i really wanna no what it means!

  9. Whatcha think about the title though?

  10. And 10 days before mine :D

  11. Yeah, but I'm not even sure I want to listen to is before the album. We've already heard so much of it and it's making the album less exciting for me :( but im still really excited!

  12. Sup! How excited are you for the album?!

  13. Yeah that confused me too when I saw your message correcting me. Also, I hate the kills. And I hate their fans.

  14. Woooow, yup I meant lolla. Screw autocorrect :P

  15. I know, ive still got the rock am ring versions of the new songs on my iPod, I wanna get the kills versions to replace them but my computers sort of broken right now :(

  16. Awesome! Does she finally understand our Obsession?!

  17. Haha I can definitely hear you too. So what did your non-coldplay fanatic friend say about the show?

  18. Haha yup! I just watched it and he definitely did. I laughed and had to watch that part at least a few times. So which songs did you cry during, I'd guess Fix You, UATW, Shver, The Scientist, and Life Is for Living maybe? You said Fix You was the 5th so I know I got that one right :D

  19. Definitely, I havent rewatched the whole thing yet, but I'm looking forward to the entire introduction to Us Against the World, I wanna see if I can hear your scream at Chris :laugh3:

  20. Yeah, it's hard to pick favorites. I really can't decide except for Fix You. Every Teardrop was good too even though I think it was probably the worst song they played, that didnt matter though because it was just a fun song to hear live. And since it was the last song everybody was into it.

  21. O wow, I thought he'd be like 19. So...what was you favorite part of coldplay yesterday? (and don't say Guy, I meant song-wise :P )

  22. Whoa, thought shed be younger. Well shed 2 years and 1 day older than me :) And you birthday is pretty close to both of ours too :D How olds Stefan? I would think he'd be the oldest, right?

  23. Yup, now I've friended them both. How old is Nicole, because i just noticed that my birthday is one day after hers :D

  24. It was SOOOOOO awesome! My ears are still ringing a little bit...(btw, what usernames am I supposed to friend?)

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