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  1. I Am Slave - 9/10

    its about modern day slavery and really moving.

    Hitch - 6.5/10

    a lot better than i thought~

    The Deep Blue Sea - 6/10

    The Way Back - 8/10

    beautiful, great story etc.

    Meet Dave - 6/10

    War and Peace - 7/10

    Identity Thief - 1/10

    it sucked

    Sleepless In Seattle - 6/10

    idk this film just irritated me in some ways and i disliked the main characters and i know it's supposed to be great.

    Anchorman 2 - 7.5/10

    i found it really funny.

    The Master - 8/10

    at the beginning i was like uhh this sucks but then it gets more into the cult stuff and i think its great.

  2. i kinda felt like there were a lot of unnecessary scenes where so much of the episode was just building up to how he survived and him meeting john, then the rest was rushed. i think next weeks will be better when it gets more into them properly solving crimes and ruining weddings etc.

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