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  1. hey brent i only came here to check what's the happy hap' now i need to revise for my bio exam tomorrow k bye <3

  2. naww your accents aren't that bad I met a friend from California last summer and I miss her because she's a great friend :( the only reason the american accent is annoying is because of annoying tv shows making them more annoying than they actually are if you know what i mean idk

  3. ooh Colin Morgan he's merlin :wacky: he is pretty i don't know why but I'm drawn to people with blue eyes and irish/scottish accents :heart:

  4. Cillian Murphy It's still the same person, just a different picture.

  5. i don't know and now i'm reading it in that accent :disappointed:

  6. i was joking but it's well quite a distinctive accent.

  7. yeah well you all sound like rednecks to us :snobby:

  8. do not :snobby: I have a northern accent :phu:

  9. People seem to think we all talk posh or cockney.

  10. Ok I guess What's it like to be american?

  11. it's not your fault your humour is so aggressive it's society *shakes fist*

  12. too mean brent too mean, you're like the hitler of the ocean :mean:

  13. you can't you have to live with it forever.

  14. that was mean brent. go apologize to the titanic right now :mean:

  15. if you can't fix lory's love life your thread has failed :angry:

  16. your help thread is not helping those who need it go help them brent. :angry:

  17. idk we thought so she kept quoting rudy with :heart:'s

  18. She's moved on from rudy then :huh:

  19. I guess, but that's why I greater than three you brent.

  20. aww i missed you to in an annoying procrastinating kinda way :hug:

  21. anyways i'm gonna sleep naow so adios ~

  22. ahh someday. I've got a job and I'm trying to save for a trip abroad when I leave college, but I keep spending it on stuff.

  23. I'll just go harvest our money tree :awesome:

  24. omg ren that's awesome :cheesy: would love to, but somehow i don't think my mum would allow me to fly to peru on my own

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