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  1. I believe so. and that remimds me I need to send a B-day card to my friend in India who's birthday was last week :blank:

  2. hi so apparently I'm your penpal :wacko:

  3. I'm from England :)

  4. Hello I don't think we've met, I'm Kat :nice:

  5. Benedict Cumberbatch? inorite :blush: sometimes I just re-watch the bit in atonement where he's acting as a creepy pedo guy :blank:

  6. you could probably watch it from the beginning of matt smith as the doctor and it would make sense and I'm sure you have BBC america or something. but yes sherlock is great and funny and i love how they make such a great couple :blush:

  7. no waay I love sherlock too :dazzled: just not quite as much as doctor who :P

  8. oh you know, watching the new doctor who trailer repeatedly and blabbing on about it :dazzled:

  9. brah we talk almost everyday in the crests thread but anyway sup chrissy t?

  10. fix it rudy :blush:

  11. I don't care anymore, you locked my favourite thread in the whole interwebs and now nothing will ever be the same again :( :( :(

  12. what up masrudy?

  13. aaw I'm sorry :hug: I almost wasn't able to go, it was just such short notice though.

  14. Woah that is one big coincidence :surprised: I was really shy on the boat trip so I didn't talk to that many people.

  15. Ok I'll have a listen :)

  16. I really suck at them. Seriously. :freak:

  17. Yeah Same I've resorted to playing arcade games :blank:

  18. How's it going?

  19. Rudio :hug:

  20. hi tammi :awesome:

  21. hi nancy thought we were already friends :surprised: thanks again :kiss:

  22. But biology rocks :surprised: I'm off to young farmers so they don't put me down for annoying stuff at the rally :shifty:

  23. yo rudio :charming:

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