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  1. There's a possibility that they may play some South East Asian shows in November (around the time they tour Australia). It's more likely that they'll do a full tour in Spring next year, though, from what I've gathered.

  2. Yes, of course they will. I'm personally hoping for an Arena run (Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, London etc) but I think it's more likely they'll do a couple of shows in Manchester / London if anything.

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  3. I have to admit that requests got a bit boring. In the beginning there was some variation and some rarer stuff (AROBTTH, A Message, Speed Of Sound...) but now the band always goes for something out of the comfortable pot - Don't Panic, Shiver, In My Place, GPASUYF - which are songs that they often play anyway before or after the actual request song on the C-Stage. For example, one day In My Place is the request and is followed by Don't Panic, the next show they pick Don't Panic as a request and play In My Place before or after that. That's a bit lame.

    I don't have anything against these songs, not at all, but the whole idea of a request thing is a bit made useless by always choosing the same stuff. Coldplay, jump over your shadows and bring out some of the rarer and less-played songs !


    Let's all blame Guy.

  4. I think it's a given that they will do another European leg. The question is for how long will it be and where (i.e. breadth of locations and venues). After seeing them at Wembley I'm kind of hoping they'll do arenas, but I think I'd be happy for anything, so long as it's near to where I live (i.e. North West England).

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  5. oh my gosh this concert. I've completely lost my voice and now I'm going again this afternoon. While alessia cara was on, about 20 people were shouting and arguing because two women were pushing to the front saying "im looking for my daughter", they eventually ended up right in front of us, so naturally everyone made a fuss, and she was like "i cant see what the big deal is, i paid the same amount" - ridiculous.


    Makes me laugh. I was a bit further back on the right hand side, but the amount of pushing in (by what turned out to be "casual fans") was ridiculous. Me and my sister must have been the only people within a mile radius who sang every word to every song. Fag-smoking wannabe hooligans, touchy, oblivious couples, popcorn bearing (yes, that's right) pusher-inners. Such a diverse crowd! :laugh4:


    Seriously though, I think it's ironic when you witness the generosity of spirit coming from the band, only to be stood next to self-serving people. Would've preferred to have been surrounded by all of you lovely people, but hey. There's always next time! :)

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