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  1. BBC have confirmed there isn't going to be a 3rd series! :bigcry: Mine too! Yeah, he was such a brilliant Q! :dazzled:

  2. Yeah, there are many nice places here. London is definitely one of my favourite cities I've been to. Unfortunately I've never bumped into any actors I like when I've been there though. :disappointed: :lol: Sounds like a good plan! :awesome: Thanks, you too! Happy New Year! :nice:

  3. :lol: Me too! Poor Freddie. :wreck: I really hope there will be a 3rd series. Yes! he's fantastic in Skyfall! :dazzled:

  4. HE'S SO GREAT :dazzled: Indeed I do! I'm guessing you watch it too? :D

  5. Thanks, good luck for your exams too! I've watched some Criminal Justice, but that was before I even knew who he was. :lol: I'll have to watch it again. Ah really? what part would you like to visit here? :D

  6. Yeah, think there's only a few episodes left now. Hey, Dee, I'm Kelly. :) I like Muse, The Killers, Radiohead, Hurts, Arctic Monkeys and others. TV shows I like are Sherlock, Doctor Who, Torchwood, House MD. What about you? Sorry for the late reply

  7. It's fine. :) Ah nice! Haha, that's usually the same with me. :lol: Changed it about a week ago. He's very awesome indeed. I finally got round to watching The Hour, he's brilliant in it. :dazzled: I'm fine thanks, been really busy with exams that I have soon. How are you? :)

  8. Ha, I know what you mean. That's probably the same reason why I keep watching it :P But this is it's last series now :\ Ah haven't seen Parked, it's on my 'to watch' list :wacky:

  9. :lol: I think some Japanese cartoons are quite weird. :P Sure, you probably know most of my favourites already, though :lol: they are: Sherlock, Doctor Who, House, Torchwood, Merlin, The Office, QI. :) What's yours? I agree, House is really interesting. There's so many episodes and seasons though, took me ages to watch. :lol: Ah, no I haven't watched it yet, I keep seeing it being advertised for the second series that start soon, so I'm going to have to try and watch it before it starts! Haha, just watch everything with Tom Hiddleston in! :D

  10. YES. I LOVE HIM. :dazzled:

  11. Yeah, he looks very young, he's 26. Aw, there's 4 series, although series 5 has just started. You should watch it sometime, it's good. Haha, I love Loki. Yeah, I'm excited, I liked Thor but hope Thor 2 will be better. War Horse is indeed a film. I really enjoyed it. Although there's only a few scenes where Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are in. :lol: don't worry, I do those illegal things too. :P Ah, I see what you mean. No, I don't know that book. It does sound rather boring though. :p Yes, I love House! It's one of my favourite tv shows! :dazzled:

  12. That's Colin Morgan, he plays Merlin in the bbc show Merlin. :wacky: Yeah, I thought that too. Ah cool, that should be interesting to read, when you decide to borrow it one day. :lol: Me too, except I need to find a job :lol: You don't have Christmas holiday? aw, that must kinda suck.

  13. Thank you! :nice:

  14. Sorry for the late reply, I've been so busy. Your English is good! :) Yeah, I've started a new college. Ah, I hope you get a teacher who you can understand, then! :P Oh, nice picture. :D Thanks, I just chose the colours really quickly. :lol:

  15. Oh no, I meant I left school 3 months ago in June, and start a new college next week. I felt quite sad too. :lol: Yeah, it is. I think it's really good, though.

  16. Ah, know the feeling. :P I start college soon after 3 months off, I don't want to go back. :lol: I know right? He's definitely one of my favourite people. :dazzled:

  17. Well, to be honest I haven't read those Shakespeare plays. :P I just briefly looked up what they were about. There's no escaping Shakespeare from anything. :lol: I agree, it's suits him and he's fantastic in it! I'm fine thanks, how are you? :nice:

  18. :lol: Thank you! :D

  19. The episodes are called Richard II (Tom isn't in this one), Henry IV, Part 1, Henry IV, Part 2 and Henry V Here's Henry IV, Part 1: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtnCWGPUsfo"]The Hollow Crown 1x2 Henry IV Part I - YouTube[/ame] You can find the others on there too. :nice:

  20. He's brilliant as Loki! :awesome: He's also in War Horse (with Benedict Cumberbatch :dazzled:), and recently a BBC tv series called The Hollow Crown, which you can watch on YouTube, I think. I could find you the link, if you want? :)

  21. Not at all, it's Tom Hiddleston. :wacky:

  22. Ha yeah, USoE does have a Queen vibe. Especially the bit where it goes "There can be only one!". I do love that song though. :wacko:

  23. Yeah, maybe Muse's earlier stuff like Showbiz era has a slight Radiohead-esque in Matt's voice but other than that I really don't hear it. :P I agree they're both awesome. :D

  24. Yeah, OK Computer was the album that made me love Radiohead. It's one of my all-time favourite albums. :wacky: I don't get when people say Muse sound like Radiohead though. :|

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