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  1. hot take: my universe > higher power It has grown on me. my 2 favorite parts: the robotic voice that says 'my universe' (silly, I know) and the ambient noises before the outro. the bts parts actually blend in really well, I low key expected the collab to be a disaster, but it works!
  2. I enjoyed it. It's a light summer song. Not my favorite song, but it's nice.
  3. With all this BTS talk I DREAMT of BTS last night. They were running a promo where fans could win pitch black Nissan Micras wrapped in some sort of a coccon. And they personally brought the cars to the winners...in a helicopter. Not kidding. p.s. I don't listen to BTS, lol
  4. 2021 - vol. 1 2022 - vol. 2 2023 - vol. 3 2024 - Finale For The Fans I hope that's not their plan.
  5. For some reason it reminds me a little of "You get what you give" by new radicals.
  6. What does it say on the guitar, next to/behind the picks?
  7. Yeah, it's a request that didn't return anything meaningful. Whether it's a bug or the content is not yet on the server, who knows.
  8. Cool images there, can't say I've seen them, but I have a few of these.
  9. No, white shadows has been deleted, as well, can you please reupload?
  10. Do any coldplaying detectives see any unknown song titles here?:) I can't figure out what any of it is in the lower right corner.
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