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  1. hot take: my universe > higher power It has grown on me. my 2 favorite parts: the robotic voice that says 'my universe' (silly, I know) and the ambient noises before the outro. the bts parts actually blend in really well, I low key expected the collab to be a disaster, but it works!
  2. I enjoyed it. It's a light summer song. Not my favorite song, but it's nice.
  3. With all this BTS talk I DREAMT of BTS last night. They were running a promo where fans could win pitch black Nissan Micras wrapped in some sort of a coccon. And they personally brought the cars to the winners...in a helicopter. Not kidding. p.s. I don't listen to BTS, lol
  4. 2021 - vol. 1 2022 - vol. 2 2023 - vol. 3 2024 - Finale For The Fans I hope that's not their plan.
  5. For some reason it reminds me a little of "You get what you give" by new radicals.
  6. What does it say on the guitar, next to/behind the picks?
  7. Yeah, it's a request that didn't return anything meaningful. Whether it's a bug or the content is not yet on the server, who knows.
  8. Cool images there, can't say I've seen them, but I have a few of these.
  9. No, white shadows has been deleted, as well, can you please reupload?
  10. Do any coldplaying detectives see any unknown song titles here?:) I can't figure out what any of it is in the lower right corner.
  11. I actually thought the interview was great. Was it the first time that Chris opened up so much? Normally their interviews are so much more restrained and interspersed with awkward humor that they sort of feel like a waste of time, like something they had to do. This one, though, was genuinely interesting (to me).
  12. That's what I thought at first, too, but Space Symphony is written below, in the right column.
  13. What does it say at the top? Something symphony, right? Could it be Sphere Symphony?
  14. Interesting. This is the song Chris says was the inspiration behind Everyday Life (the song). [MEDIA=spotify]album/2JzXJknJh0hzHPbh8KAQ2r[/MEDIA] View: https://open.spotify.com/album/2JzXJknJh0hzHPbh8KAQ2r
  15. I suggest you look at the guitar tuning that is mentioned in the booklet.
  16. Having watched a bunch of interviews on youtube, I think that the album originally was called 'Unfiltered'. Chris has used this word to describe their 'state' right now multiple times. 'Music of the Spheres' is also possible, of course, but they never mentioned it once.
  17. Is it really 'To be Pyotr Tchaikovsky?' Such a weird line. :)
  18. The most Travis-like Coldplay song I have ever heard. :) Every time I hear their bonus tracks, I can't help but wonder how many other cool songs are in 'the vault', waiting to be heard.
  19. I thought it was 'only Savior look-alikes' :laughing:
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