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  1. wow 16. and they've been dating since she was 13? double wow.
  2. i'm kinda liking the newest episodes. i love the chemistry between chris and lorelai.
  3. boo you guys for being late. just kidding. thank you!! xox
  4. I love Ben Harper. One of my favourite songs from him is "Forever." So nice.
  5. i saw it. i liked it. i love zach braff so i was happy. he was good in the film.
  6. A Million Ways is one of my fave songs from them. Their performance on the VMAs was impressive. I woulda fell on my ass the first 30 seconds.
  7. I haven't heard any of her new stuff besides the single. I'll give it a whirl. I still like her.
  8. hahaha awesome! thanks you guys! i had a GREAT birthday. xoxo
  9. i've actually watched the 3rd season episodes off of youtube. and it's alright. the girls are really mean. and kyndra is ugly. haha
  10. I gotta say, this news made me really really really sad. I always watched his show and thought he was incredibly charming and funny. I still can't believe it. It's crazy! He'll be missed, for sure.
  11. Starring Ryan Gosling (I looooove him). I've been hearing some incredible things about this film. It's an indie flick and I hear Gosling is brilliant in it. I'm gonna see if I can catch it this week and I'm thoroughly excited. Anyone else heard about this film? I thought I'd show some "indie" love.:D
  12. I'm already tired of this movie and it JUST came out. The hype was insane with this film and it got kind of irritating... i'll probably wait for it to come out on DVD.
  13. I don't relate to Laguna Beach at all, but it's like a car crash. You can't help but watch. I haven't seen anything from the 3rd season, but i've been hearing that it's kinda boring, so i'll probably not tune in. Besides, I don't get MTV in Montreal, so there's really no way i'd be able to keep up with it anyhow.
  14. yup. losing friends definitely does suck. i've been best friends with this guy for years (literally, we grew up together) and recently we haven't been tight at all. I think i talk to him like once every 3 weeks or something. It's depressing. I have no idea what's happening in his life, and that sucks.
  15. wow. this really is an old thread! hmmm..10 things..if i was asked this a few years ago, my answers would be incredibly different. I don't know if i can think of 10...but anyway. - travel all over - have lived in New York, LA, Paris and London (I want to move around a lot, I don't wanna settle down in one place for too long). - be successful in a career that I love - be in love...marriage isn't necessary for me anymore. - learn how to surf - sky dive or bungee jump (i've always wanted to try this, haven't had the chance yet) - pay back my parents for all the money they've ever loane
  16. mimi, that's terrible! good thing you caught it. i'm always terrified that someone will steal my debit card or something and use it.
  17. a good person essentially has to have a good heart. they have to be compassionate and generous. and they are the type of person who only wants good for others. oh, and open-minded and non-judgemental are important qualities too.
  18. Man, the apartment that heidi and lauren live in is so nice.
  19. is she doing like, fashion marketing? because i'm pretty sure she was doing like, "product development" at the school... is she still at FIDM? i've been looking at different schools to go to after i graduate and I inquired at FIDM and they've got some really interesting programs there. Wow..whitney and christina, eh? that's kind of random. and yes, very very fishy. haha
  20. anything in fashion. whether the being involved in the business side, or writing about it at a fashion magazine.
  21. Yeah, Whitney took the internship at Vogue when Lauren passed it up. Stephen is dating that girl Hayden Panettiere. She's like 16 or something. She's that Neutrogena girl..hahaha...
  22. hahaha.... i wonder what the 2nd season will be like..she's still in school, right? so it'll probably deal more with her career and stuff.... i wonder if whitney will be part of it. i liked her.
  23. I swear, the only names i'd ever tattoo onto my body are my kids...b/c they'll always be my kids...even a husband has the potential to be an ex. Gosh so stupid. And she's so young too, did she honestly think that it was gonna last? like, wow.
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