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  1. Yes hope for it next tour! :) And that's good! Busy is good. And nice volunteering! I'm about to start volunteering for the hospital. And don't worry about getting a real job so soon, just enjoy not working! :P And hmmm.. I don't think I have! I'll watch it now

  2. Yeah I bet! Finals must be just about over now!

  3. You got to hear Sunburn!? Jealous! And oh darn! Too bad you didn't get to hear new born! And yeah, after I saw them they were all I listened to for the longest time And I've been good! Super busy with university and work. But school is almost over, which means summer soon! How about yourself? :nice:

  4. Second year... Hmm.. so would that be grade 9 or 10? And I guess spring break passed, so happy birthday! I only have one more month til my summer starts :dance:

  5. Busy is good though. But, I honestly just can't wait for summer! And yes, I'm in university now! How bout you, you're still in high school, right?

  6. How was your concert?! And ahh the 13th too! That's tomorrow :) And they were either going to play New Born or Stockholm, but they had this little ball bounce and it fell onto Stockholm. I'm guessing they may have done something like that at your concert tooo? And me too! Can't believe I saw all of them live as well, so amazing! And yes, I love Amok! It's awesome!

  7. Ahhh I suck at replying haha! But good to hear you had a good christmas! And aahhhh you get to see them twice, you lucky girl haha Have you seen them yet? They're so good live, you're gonna have a blast. And yeah, I did! They played Stockholm Syndrome which was the highlight for me :dance:

  8. Taameen! I miss you too! And I'm good! Haven't been posting here a whole lot, just been busy with school and work and all that fun stuff. How are you? :)

  9. Yes, I took on two jobs this past december! Things are finally slowing down, and I have a bit more free time! And yep, starting university in January! And good to hear :) My Christmas was really nice, spent lots of time with my family. And my favourite gift from this year were the Muse tickets from my sister...then these really awesome leather boots.. :P How bout yourself? And Feb 6 is my show!!! I'M SO EXCITED. Lol I've been pretty much listening to them non-stop since Christmas :dance:

  10. Merry Christmas!!!! I've been good! Just super busy :) Don't post here a whole lot anymore. How have you been? And I know! AND GUESS WHAT! I'M SEEING MUSE LIVE :D

  11. Hahahah oh yaaa, I remember you.. :P Yes, I've listenind to it. And I liked it for a bit, but i wasn't really able to get really really really into it yet :\ And it's really good, you should listen to it! It's called "The Sticks". And really??? I'm jealous! I'm supposed to be going when they come here in February, but I don;t know if I can anymore! I have a feeling all of the tickets are gone. But that's awesome, whereabouts are your seats?

  12. Oh, well I hope you're feeling better! And yeah, I like Muse! I haven't gotten too into The 2nd Law yet, but I like a few songs so far. I'm hoping to go see them live though, when they come here in february! But I'm still trying to figure out money and who to go with.. And why do you despise forums? Haha but I feel the same about facebook sometimes. I think I like twitter more :P

  13. Hey! I've been good!! How have you been? And yeah I know, I hardly use facebook anymore!

  14. No problem!! :nice:

  15. Okay, October 2nd. Sweet! And that's good! I'm glad to hear that! :nice: Same here, I went through a small Muse listening spree after the release of Madness. Haha I hope I like the album. And showbiz is actually the one and only Muse album I own, so yes, I think it's awesome as well!! And have you heard the new mother mother album? :wacko:

  16. Haha he just laughed and we all talked for a bit. It was fun. He was with a girl at the time sooo, my bad. Haha :P And I know! I;m so excited for the ablum!! When's it coming out again? And not quite yet, I'm starting university in January!

  17. Really? Yay, i'm glad you like them! I met the lead singer:awesome: And all I said to him was "Wow, you're really good looking" LOL :P Hmm, haven't heard of them! I'll look them up! And that's really weird :thinking: Keep trying though! And yes! Initially I didn't like it, but now I really like it. Can't wait for the album :D

  18. I think you'll like them...They are one of my favourites.. Although it took me some time to get into them. And no problem! :nice: And Ohhhhhhh you said W.A.S.T.E..Totally thought you said you joined At Ease, ahaha. I hardly ever go on Waste but I'll add you! :P And yaaa, there are creepy raadiohead fans out there haha. Especially on At Ease :\ And yay! 2 friends! :P Lol, I'm pretty sure I have none besides you!

  19. Haha yeah :wacko: And you should check out Said The Whale! And yessss!!! Those people are so freaking lucky! I ya, Amsterdam would have been so amazing live :heart: And yep, I do! I'm "alexainrainbows", find me! Lol. But I don't post there all that much anymore..People in gen chat were being creepy haha. But it's okay if you just avoid the weird people :P But yeah, it is pretty cool!

  20. Yep, that's what happened with me too! I was sooo obsessed with them. And now I'm actually listening to Burning Pile :wacko: And I know! They're Canadian, so it's hard for them to get popular in the US..but their music is relatively popular here..Kinda..Actually not really haha, Only us hip kids know them :P And we should!!! They deserve to be knoown!

  21. Haha I hope so! :nice: And haha sure, I'll call them special :P Yeah, I was supposed to, but I couldn't get time off work :disappointed: But oh well!! But YAY I'm glad you like them!! And I was so obsessed with that song for the longest time. And no problem! Everyone should listen to them! :P

  22. I keep forgetting to answer!! I'm stupid I'm sorry :P And thanks! I hope so too. I just bought a tent the other day..my first tent ever haha Ohh nice!! And I love GPASUYF. And yeah I'm pretty sure. My friend tried to show me G or something, and my hand couldn't do it!! And I never thought about my hand size either haha, but apparently they're tiny, who knows! :P

  23. Haha I know the feeling!! I've just been enjoying summer and working and hanging with friends, nothing too special. Although I am going camping soon, and I've never been, so I'm kinda scared :uhoh: And coooool!!! That's awesome! Learn some radiohead and coldplay :wacko: I've always wanted to play guitar, but my hands are actually too small ahahah

  24. Yes! I know what you mean. Coldplay was soo different than RH, but both of them are soo freaking good live. I'm glad you enjoyed the concert! Even though I knew you were going to :P And ohh okay.. I'll try and attempt to listen to it one more time today to see if it grows on me :P

  25. SORRY! I totally forgot to check my visitor messages for awhile!! YAY! I'm so happy for you! It was awesome right?! You'll be in a daze for awhile :P And ya, I didn't like it though so I stopped listening to it...How many listens should I give it before it grows on mee???

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