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  1. God that person sounds like a total jerkface. :facepalm: What song was it? :uhoh:

  2. My name's Taameen but i'm sure thats pretty obvious

  3. Are you going to be in it? And here I thought I was getting hyper over LP5!:wacky:

  4. Aww! Did you see the overflow? It sucks that the pics aren't there!:( Edit: They're up!:awesome:

  5. :lol:I think he's stirring up Kool Aid blood.:P This is wonderful! Oh good. Someone actually gets my references *phew* Actually I got distracted by a certain singer so yeah I guess I was slacking off:P

  6. Hmm.. It seems I've gotten a lot of people to write fanfictions lately.. Sure go for it! I remember someone posting a hilarious fanfic along the lines of the Wizard of Oz!:D I've been so focused on finishing my current fanfiction right now I haven't entirely thought so much about it..:P

  7. Summer band sounds way funner than what I'm doing ( I'm training to be a CIT :inquisitive: ) I'm really happy the video is getting a lot of views :D

  8. (You had to build your house?:shocked2: I'm sure being on the rooftops must have been very calming :) ahaha me too!:P Yeah it is really cool here :D) Everyone on this site knows where it is :lol: *flies*

  9. ( sorry I was unable to log in yesterday for some reason) Let's go! *runs*

  10. Maybe :whistle: What do you know creepy painting?

  11. I blame the traffic. :shame: Or maybe someone's drunk?

  12. One day I will send a bunch of Keane and Coldplay requests to you :P

  13. Yeah like that could definitely work for them! No it's not a bad song it's alright actually :P

  14. Also I need to frame my confetti :wacko:

  15. Yes that's right nothing suspicious here:D MEH TOOO!D:

  16. And I have exams that day :sick: CURSE YOU LIVE BLOG!>:(

  17. Hey just wondering.. were you in Team Oracle?

  18. It's me and Jonny, there's nothing to be scared of.

  19. Pit: Hello! *shakes hand* So what's the favor you wanted?:D Oh yeah! You see we need you to give Alex wings. Pit: Hmm it'll take some time but sure! What for? We need to um find Rayquaza... Pit::shocked2:

  20. :lol: it's cool I'll be in a Keane mood sometimes :P yeah I heard the song on the radio but I didn't know who made it.

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