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  1. I love your profile picture!!!!!! (green is my favourite colour)

  2. I love all the Lost. :D Charlie is my favourite character!

  3. Not gonna lie, I just saw your sig and laughed for a whole minute.

  4. Only roughly. I actually would like to see your ETIAW. I know how to play it roughly on guitar/piano, but I feel like I haven't found the best tuning to be able to play the synth riff.

  5. Oh man. O_O I'm too busy to do a really good job with it, sorry. I just know the verses would be G, 3x0033 and Cm x3x043 (that's what it looks like). I know that really doesn't help....but maybe another day. >_<

  6. Hey, I just wanted to say...I love your tumblr!

  7. 1. Indeed...but bulky. :lol: 2. Wow! Formidable...where d oyou like it best? ........indeed. Even today....Syria alone is just mindblowing. They were talking about how they were burying people in what used to a children's playground. 3. DON'T STOP ME NOW! <(^__^<) The moment where Jonny enters in Amsterdam is absolutely mega. That or Strawberry Swing or UATW would be my favourite song. Live 2003 AROBTTH.... :drool: IT'S OKAY TO GUSH. :heart: 4. Oh man..I've never driven a truck...it would probably scare me too! .....ah I don' t think my birthday is publicly displaced so that's why................................and perhaps!!! Maybe you're the same as me, We'll see things they'll never see.. <(^__^<) [if you listen to Oasis]

  8. 1. Yeah definitely check it out; she did it summer after freshman year, although most people study abroad in their junior year. 2. Meh.....indeed. And because I'm going to Duke, the tour probably won't come near me....my best bets will be Atlanta or New Jersey. 3. Mylo Xyloto. =/ Yeah it's kind of dumb sounding but if it's true, then I'm sure they had a good reason and therefore have a good story behind it. 4. Not bad...I'm leaving in exactly 14 days for Duke. Daunting. How about you? How's your summer? Did you end up going to UCLA?

  9. Hmm I think my current ranking is UATW, MTM, HLH, CB, MM, POC, ETIAW...but I love all the new songs so trying to rank them is meaningless. Indeed...all the go-oooo-oo's and lalalalala's will be EPIC. :D

  10. A LOT, THANK YOU FOR ASKING. :) I sing it when I go running....except I only know like 2 lines' worth of lyrics jajajaja. You could be a princess..... <(^__^<)

  11. 1. That it is. I've gotten into the habit of taking a sweatshirt with me...EVERYWHERE. 2. I haven't been to many states at all. :( CA, Nevada, Louisiana, and Washington DC. LOL though. So sad what happened to Native Americans though. >_< 3. ME TOO. The end of GPASYUF, also, Cemeteries of London. <3 Restricted licence eh? I've just noticed we have the same birthday! Nov 18.

  12. 1. No I've not been back. :( Busy family, not-so-busy economy. It doesn't add up well. My friend just got back from Roehampton University on a Fulbright Scholarship, the thing that lets you study abroad. She studied human rights/public policy. Cool stuff, that. 2. Oooh great! I don't think I'm going to go though...I'm working for my dad right now and with college just looming.................not a great time to say the least. I'd rather hold out for the LP5 tour anyways. 3. Oh no! I've gotten kind of bored of the LP5 section of the forum.......................waiting for new news or tracklisting or ANYTHING. D:

  13. That I do. :) Favourite song/album?

  14. 1. Oh I see. I'm from around San Francisco...but I've been to Disneyland. :p 2. IF YOU SAY SO. Just kidding, I've never been to any states beginning with K. :( ...LAWL...it's funny because I was JUST thinking about the Kansas Nebraska Act. Not that it's relevant or anything. :p 3. You could hear them climbing the stairs, Got my right side fighting while my left hides under the chairs. <(^__^<) 4. EXCELLENT songs. Major Minus emerged right when I started learning to drive, so I'm incredibly adept at keeping one eye on the road and one on you! :D

  15. Ah that it is! You should visit some time too. :D Do you really? I thought that was supposed to be Kentucky. :p Flat, eh? ...I suppose at the time I was thinking of that whole thing about teaching creationism but NOT evolution. :shrug: I hear those crocodiles ticking round the world, I hear those crocodiles ticking round the wah-wah-wahworld... <(^__^<) LOL I DID NOT REALIZE YOU WERE CARRYING ON A SIMILAR LYRICS BATTLE WITH SOMEONE ELSE.

  16. Hi, I like your colour scheme!

  17. I'm originally from Britain, but I live in California. I've not been to Kansas though. :( What's it like there? How many of the stereotypes are false? :p They got one eye watching you, One eye on what you do, So be careful coz nothing they say is true. <(^__^<)

  18. 1. Ah all good choices....while I haven't done it myself much, I recommend going dropping yourself somewhere crazy. Out of your comfort zone, you know? And I do miss England, but I left when I was 5. Even so...many good memories, of tea, chicken pasties, school uniforms, trains... 2. Whaa wow. o_O When you put the law that way.... :O 3. Yep, 18 in November! 4. Brilliant! I'm thinking about going, but I might go to a running camp that's the first week of August. Choices choices choices...

  19. Thanks for accepting, and thank you! You're from Kansas, I presume?

  20. 1. Yeah! What a great gig. I got chills when the synthesizers start for Hurts Like Heaven after MX. It's such a seamlessly done intro. <3 3. Oooh...I think Europe is good for EVERYONE. :p You really can't go wrong since the cultures are so rich, and the social institutions smartly done (esp health insurance). On the other hand, things are getting sketchy regarding immigration law and attitudes towards outsiders, esp like African immigrants [btw, what's your take on SB1070?...I honestly don't know much about it besides knowing its name and it involving racial profiling]. But that's random stuff I hear...I'm sure you could be VERY happy. Any country that catches your eye? 4. Ahhh it's somewhere in there. 5. Oops nevermind, I totally miscounted. I'm a year and two months older than you jaja.

  21. 0. Yes, yes it does! :D 1. Yeah! And the drums too. For some reason, the snare drum is megaloud in that performance of VH. 2. That they are. <3 3. Ah, want to get out then? 4. Ooh the whole 2006 Toronto gig is on Youtube...watch it! 5. Jaja when's your birthday? You're probably only like a month or two younger than I am, amirite?

  22. Oooh nice. Clocks is the first Coldplay song I heard, and the first I learned to play. That's a great list right there...I don't know if I can compress it to 10 (I remember there was a thread of that nature recently, but watch my answer be different :p)..... 1. Amsterdam 2. Strawberry Swing 3. The Scientist 4. Lovers in Japan 5. Swallowed in the Sea 6. Us Against the World 7. Moving to Mars 8. Fix You 9. Life in Technicolor ii Okay I can't think of a 10th. I only heard Ladder to the Sun very recently, but man, what a great song! "If you want me, you can have me." <(^__^<)

  23. 1. I'm re-listening to Violet Hill and discovering how GROOVY the bassline is. :D 2. Oooh Scotland! I've never been, but I've always wanted to...for the accents, the music, and the haggis, mainly. :p 3. Oh? So have you given any thought about college yet? I know it's early for you, but at this point I would recommend assembling a list of possible schools to apply to + maybe even visiting a couple. 4. One of my favourites is during Till Kingdom Come at Toronto 2006... "you can have 50 pence back for that one mistake." I think when I got my teeth out, I spent two days in bed watching episodes of Lost in Spanish. :D 5. Me too. :confused: And I'm supposed to VOTE next year. :lol: (nah but I don't see any Republican candidate that can really do any damage to Obama)

  24. Ahh don't quote me on it though. Either way, Guy deserves our love. :p I was born in Brixton (maybe you've heard of it because of the 2008 Brixton Academy gig? :D) and then lived in Kent for 2 years, then Hitchin (near Cambridge) for 3 years. The US....San Francisco Bay Area....what part of California for you? Arizona eh? My ex-girlfriend is going to University of Arizona. :p Guitar tabs = sheet music for the guitar. So I just listen to a song / watch videos of live performances and then write down how to play it. It's kind of nerdy I guess. LOL what a good combo. I've been on here a LOT lately watching all the livestreams. I got my wisdom teeth out this last April.....jolly. >_> You'll be fine soon! Eat more ice cream! Or as Chris once said, "Please go to maketradefair.com, please eat more chocolate, and listen to more Coldplay." Oh thanks jaja. Yeah backing tracks are an interesting topic since most bands use some form of *something* to supplement their live performances.

  25. Never would have guessed. :p Oooh Crests of Waves! I didn't know about that song until I came on the forum and heard it was Guy's favourite song. It's definitely become one of my favourites though....."nothing else matters..." :) My favourite alternates between Amsterdam, Strawberry Swing, the Scientist, Lovers in Japan, and possibly Us Against the World. Myself....I'm 17 years old...a Chinese person who was born in the UK but lives in the US...I transcribe guitar tabs for Coldplay songs in my free time...I run...I'm going to Duke University in the autumn........ I think that's a start. :p How about you?

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