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  1. Huge Coldplay fan adding my thoughts. Like most people I think the early stuff is best (VLV is my favourite) but I also really enjoy their recent output. 

    Only a few listens in so this could change but:

    Listening to this album made me wince, and cringe. I didn't listen to Overtura or any of the unreleased/live only songs, so was looking forward to hearing the new sounds, especially POTP, with all the praise it was getting.

    I was disappointed to find POTP really cringe worthy, its sounds like they tried to make a big snarling and mean rock song, but it sounds like an uninteresting Muse b-side, the 'big' riff makes no impression whatsoever, and whilst its nice the lyrics are from the man who swears, they seem totally random in the supposed concept of the album.

    I know Chris isn't the best lyricist, and that's fine, but I feel overall the lyrics on this album are really weak, using the same old repetition tricks etc.. the lyrics are so bland and don't tell any stories or concept.

    The transition tracks left me scratching my head - they've done these in the past and I've enjoyed them but on this album they seem utterly pointless, Alien Choir and MOTS2 for instance. 

    Apart from Coloratura, I enjoyed Biutyful a lot, probably because you can actually hear some instrumentation/melody with the guitar. Apart from that the songs sound so manufactured and are really missing an element that all Coldplay albums have had for me, that soul, authenticity and bit of magic and emotion. Even AHFOD which I think is their weakest has this.

    Obviously its unlikely you will love an album from first listen, but this was the hardest first listen I've had with this band. I will try and let it grow on me, but i'm fairly confident this will rank as their weakest effort unfortunately. 

    I'm all for them being experimental, trying different styles and doing a really poppy album, but I just think most of the songs don't have much substance, regardless of style/genre.

    A disappointing step after EL for sure. Someone else said it on r/Coldplay but I agree they need to focus on being 'better' not 'bigger'.


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  2. I have my preordered copy waiting to be shipped...I have my preordered copy waiting to be shipped...I have my preordered copy waiting to be shipped...I have my preordered copy waiting to be shipped...


    I have to keep repeating that to stop me from downloading any leaks


    I have always listened to leaks of an album before they come out and every time I wished I held on until it came out. Gonna try and resist this time but the difficulty will be coming here and seeing everyone talk about it!

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  3. We won't be getting an album of reworked songs from the bands past catalog. We already know that this is a new chapter for Coldplay, they won't be revisiting older tracks on this record...


    Like the rest of us I am feeling positive about the direction Coldplay seeming to be going with this - early days yet but I love the wedding band poster, and the track titles seem quite experimental. I really hope we get the true successor to VLV!


    As for those track titles/album cover they are definitely 100% legit., Amazon would not post fake material. The titles match up with those seen on the source code on Coldplay.com as well. Perhaps that particular album cover is just for the vinyl though, with the simple sun and moon oriental graphic the regular CD/album art.


    I do wish the album cover was a little more creative and new though, its a lovely photo of the band but the mirror image, icons and album title a foreign language is really a rehash of AHFOD. So far the title Everyday Life doesn't stand put to me, but perhaps it will make more sense when in context of the music!

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  4. *Petitions for Coldplay's next three albums to be made up of nothing but old Viva outtakes :awesome: *


    haha yes please! Off topic but I think that it is criminal that Famous Old painters was not released. If I ever meet Chris that is the first thing I shall ask him.


    Just to remind everyone :)


  5. One of the things that I find truly stunning about the Viva era is that when you take the album, the ep, the various b-sides and standalone singles (like Lhuna), exclusive live tracks (like Don Quixote and The Dubliners), and the leaked demos, we have more content by far than from any other era. Just doing a quick count based on what I have in my iTunes library . . . that's 28 songs. At least (I know I'm probably missing some). I know that some people maybe don't hold the album in as high of favor as I do, but take a look through the song roster for the Viva era and find one song with cheesy lyrics, one song with bad production, one song that's boring or that seems too "safe." If you find one, let me know :P


    Very true. Viva was their peak. This make me think though that there must've been stuff which didn't make it onto the last 3 albums which could've been great, and was otherwise replaced with songs which fit the theme of the album instead.


    And about the bad production - it baffles me how one of the biggest bands in the world ends up with terrible production. Surely they have the resources to make the best produced album possible.

  6. Here's the thing, i absolutely LOVE this song but it makes me angry because Chris has been telling whoever will listen that they are not a rock band anymore and Birds just proves to me that they are a better band when they write/play rock songs, albeit a soft rock song but its still rock and its easily the best track on the album...


    what a post

  7. Hey, no worries. I wasn't going after anyone in particular! I can't say much just because I've only heard the songs they've played for us, but even then, the reaction is still the same on this forum. It's really odd.


    I know you weren't going after anyone I was agreeing with you aha :) Its interesting, Ive always been against the melodramatic reactions we've had in the past few years and I've ignored it, but I think on this one we really need to wake up and smell the flowers so to speak.

  8. Wait until the next record comes out and everybody is like 'WHAT IS THIS AHFOD WAS MOZART COMPARED TO THIS I LOVED THAT ALBUM SO MUCH MORE' Honestly I'm just hoping it's better than GS because a lot of those songs are pretty forgettable, although that album kinda stood out in its own way.


    GS had magic and ASFOS, which will have maintained GS in some decent standards for a lot of people (including myself). They were big songs with a unique touch on them. AHFOD doesn't really have any of these

  9. Count me in. I'm trying to avoid the leak anyways, but the reaction to the leaks for every album drives me insane. The process is always like this:


    - Wait impatiently for the album to leak while having overplayed the single(s) released.

    - Album leaks, Coldplaying goes down, social media is a frenzy.

    - Reviews come pouring in with mass amounts of negativity, making it near impossible to actually find a good review. (You'd even think there wasn't a good song on the album!)

    - The hype dies down a bit, and suddenly the reviews and reaction levels out. "Maybe it's not that bad after all! Actually this album is really good!"

    - The album releases and things feel normal again.


    I saw this with Mylo Xyloto, Ghost Stories, and now A Head Full of Dreams. I swear I should be used to it by now but I'm not. Obviously not everything Coldplay makes it gold or even bronze, but shit. I just want it to be December 4 already!


    Hey man, I totally agree with you about the leak reaction stuff, Ive been around for the last two and it is mental, but this release really does feel different. It's not 'shit', but when everything levels out I think it will be seen as really not one of their best, it doesn't have any unique 'big' songs on it.

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