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  1. My only worry is syncing the song with the beat

  2. Well, is there some sort of website where I can find a decent metronome?

  3. But the way I do it is that I have the song play in the background, then I play the guitar track that's in the video. So I don't know how that'll work unless I wear headphones or something.

  4. Those guitar videos, but my timing is really bad, so the videos aren't coming out so great.

  5. Just bought a MacBook Pro, and I hope to put out more high quality videos now

  6. What's goin on man? Sorry bout that "qft" misunderstanding.

  7. At least it's not a burning 100 degrees. Rain sounds nice

  8. Random question, hows the weather there?

  9. Nvm, that test I'm talking about is taken in Germany, maybe Russia.

  10. Don't you do some really hard test that decides what you do for a job?

  11. College is where we spend all our money studying on what we want to be, like doctors, professors, and anything professional. College is after high school, and I'm planning to go to a university. What's school like in Belgium? Is it any different?i

  12. College courses go up to $3000 here. Maybe more.

  13. I'd love to meet you there, but college is going to be the end of me

  14. Uh, weathers nice and dry, people are stupid but friendly, and a government that works. But still, our country is probably the most hated as well. England sounds really nice.

  15. Being in Belgium must be awesome.

  16. Apparently they're heading to Vegas, but it's a 18+ show. Sucks being 17

  17. Did they play any of the older songs?

  18. How were they live?

  19. I actually tried to make my hair like his when it was kinda short. [IMG][/IMG]

  20. Do you like the new Arctic Monkeys?

  21. The Jools Holland show that AM played when they made their first album is incredible. Every performance of A Certain Romance is great to watch. And as for the Wombats, check out "Let's Dance to Joy Division". Btw, nah didn't see the stream. Is it on YouTube?

  22. Getting into the Wombats, and I love the Arctic Monkeys

  23. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHsRDo4G3MY&feature=youtube_gdata_player"]Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay - YouTube[/ame]

  24. Always have been a Noel fan, but admittedly I don't mind the Roller (Instant Karma), and I really like "The World Outside My Room"

  25. Way better than Beady Eye

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