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  1. i was looking through my old photos in Germany and now CRYING :( :( [IMG]

  2. hahahha so easy :P

  3. dieser video ist total LUSTIG hahhaha ihttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=610869172302515 i hope you can watch it on facebook :D i couldn't find it on youtube :/

  4. hey Row! since when are you a mod ? congrats honey honey :))) :dance: :dance: :dance:

  5. yeah agree, egaaaal :D i just suprised to see those things, we are here to have fun, why are some people so ass, pff..!

  6. wtf :| i was not here since last sunday and reilly got banned and you are not mod any more :| :| schadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. jaa it's weird but i love to speak German, it has some special phonetics :lol:but it's waaay harder than English, anyway good luck with your hausarbeiten :nice:

  8. wowww until oktober! du hast noch Zeit :awesome: but one can not simply do anything in this scheiß wetter! -i love to mix those languages too- :lol: now my german is waaay better than last september :cool: i've finished c1 niveau :cool:

  9. ahh not now... 16th august : last exam :sick: then 1 month 'ferien' :lol: you?

  10. yeah that post :dead: it's so damn hot in Germaaaaanyyy!!!!!! and I have to study :sick: :sick:

  11. thanks !! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  12. hey, merry Christmas :) :) [IMG]

  13. hey Karen, thanks for your Christmas card! merry christmas!

  14. haaha thank you ! yours looks also so cute! :wacky:

  15. ....and power of that suit :dead: :dead:

  16. hi kitty cat! i downloaded them from here : https://soundcloud.com/gastypm/sets/chris-martin-live-at-12-12-12 but you have to register to download ;) power of the cats :charming:

  17. woooww 5 kitties like coldplay :cool: and you :lol:

  18. hahahha yess :laugh3:

  19. wooooow cutest kitty i've ever seen :dazzled: :dazzled: thank you!

  20. hahhhah god bless your brainfart!! okay, i'd like to involve that epic-wunderbar projekt, mmm i'd like to have a nice-crazy- dark green cat!

  21. hey Dee, did you send the scrappyyy?

  22. have nice christmas you too!! and i'm glad you like it :hug: :kiss: :nice: bye :)

  23. thank youuuu :hug: :hug:

  24. happy birthday!!!! :)

  25. ooo yes you're so tired, sleep well and dream well :charming: :charming:

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