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  1. Just wanted to say, for a second I thought that it was Jesus in your avatar. The white clothes and the clouds/fog. Sorry. :lol:

  2. Who's that on your avatar tho? Kinda looks like as if young Chris Martin went punk in 2015

  3. omg i love you yes haha let's not trust the english and i hope ian's not dead :anxious:

  4. I'd like to try that drink actually :drunkjoe: I have no idea. And why does it look so strange now, I am completely disoriented??

  5. I sent you something on last.fm cause Coldplaying didn't let me post a link here so check it outtt

  6. hey what is your instagram

  7. How come you have never changed your avatar on here

  8. It was only like 3$ so I decided to get it. Nobody buys vinyls anymore :(

  9. Heyy I wanted to tell you that I got Bowie's Let's Dance LP and I'm really enjoying it :dance: Thanks for getting me into Bowie :nice:

  10. Oh yeah it's my fav too! :awesome: Soo many people thought that it's an actual place in Texas though. So they were asking me if I actually live in Texas or in Croatia hahaha

  11. Happy birthday! :nice: I was looking for a picture of Frank Orange holding a flower to send you but there's none :sad: So here'e just a pic of him with some inspirational words or something, happy birthday! :hug: [IMG]

  12. Yes, thank you soo much :heart:

  13. Scary but good :nod: School's staring in less than a week... I can't believe it's already the end of holidays. But I can easily say these were the best holidays in my life so far. :wacky: I was in a summer English language school in London, if you don't know that already. And I just miss that time :cry: But I fell in love with England and now my dream is to go to a university in London :wacky:

  14. Heya, haven't talked to you in a while. How's life?

  15. that's weird, i hope you get better explanations batmaaan btw i was wondering if you made your avatar or if you stole it as a punk from google pics?

  16. wow i would marry u if i didn't marry coldplay already

  17. this day has been weird wait did he just randomly de-mod you? and not even say why? wow

  18. i was like "who is this batman guy he's so cool and how does he have so many posts and how have i never seen him before?" all the time wow i'm stupid

  19. i didn't even realise you were thalia until like now

  20. I love your avatar bby

  21. :wideeyed::wideeyed:

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