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  1. It sucked :P And yes! Lithograph 511/6000 :awesome: Did you?

  2. I missed them when they came to NJ. I was so close to winning tickets but I lost the raffle. I'm still sad and angry about it -__- Its weird, NJ is 60 right now o_O

  3. Well when you live my life you're never sure :P And not really, come Christmas music I cannot stand at all, but I love some songs liek Silver Bells :awesome: speaking of, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? IAN WHAT YOU DOING? STHAP.

  4. I am fine, i think :uhoh: thanks how about you? :D

  5. :uhoh: That's not good o_o. I sent Louise and my friend a postcard. So far my friend got it, I forgot it Louise got mine...

  6. I sent you one weeks ago :uhoh: I guess I used the wrong stamp :facepalm:

  7. OH. 10's severed hand...I thought you ment something else...:blank:

  8. In a nutshell: they dont want me down there so I dont go beyond the Scrapbook thread in the Lounge. They rule that place apparently.

  9. I would but Reilly and those other demons in District 9 would get pissed off.

  10. It's a toss-up between Fix You, Lovers in Japan, and Paradise :P

  11. I loved Strawberry Swing :wreck:

  12. Sort of :c...I was at the bank when it was going on :uhoh: but i did see some clips and it was beautiful :wacko:

  13. Indeed...well everyone has a falsetto, even if you sing low...it's just not as high.

  14. Falsetto is that little part of a man's voice where he can sing really high, I have one which lets me sing tenor when I'm really a baritone :uhoh: not too good to sing like that all the time :P

  15. Vocal range :P Tenor means you can sing really high pitches a boy, Baritone means you sing low/average.

  16. Yep! Actually I went from a tenor to a baritone :bigcry:

  17. Ah...well if you like to sing then do it!

  18. Nope, usually I'll find a nice chord progression and make-up stuff but no :P you?

  19. Ok NOW i can post..what's happening :uhoh:

  20. Same with my teacher but she grew into it. Besides she asked me if I could play in the musical pit when I can barely read music :P. I can read but i can't read rhythms that good lmao

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