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  1. :confused: damn you facebook -_- the IOS app sucks ahah

  2. :D hope your day is better then mine

  3. :D i make videos, help out with computers at school, being a coldplay fanatic and performer :lol:

  4. :D i'm one of a kind in a good way

  5. :D in my hometown yes

  6. :D so whats new?

  7. :D The United States and I listen to a bit of U2, Some Movie Scores, Queen, and like one song from A-Ha, Elbow, and Iron Maidon, you? :P

  8. :DD That's sweet :nice: I'm fine, allergies, but I am well, you?

  9. :hug: congrats :nice:

  10. :hug: NOW GET BACK TO WORK :whip:

  11. :hug: thanks, btw I really hate to sound...um...whats the word...um...great writers block....um pushy or annoying, but you're not really gonna throw your ticket away are you? :P sorry.

  12. :laugh3: haha fine roll your eyes

  13. :laugh3: Hahah I feel like I'm raping your forum wall :laugh3:

  14. :laugh3: Hurricane Time :wideeyed:

  15. :laugh3: I'm guessing you do haha and I'm staying away from pants till something weird happens :laugh3:

  16. :laugh3: Jersey hates me lmfao! I'm the only Coldplay fan at my school and peole think I'm crazy...well I dont blame them but still!

  17. :lol: ah :D Your right, but thats what makes it funny :awesome:

  18. :lol: sorry for the most random wall post in Coldplaying history hahah

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