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  1. I'll def. check it out!

  2. I have seen Band Aid 8 with Coldplay and U2: Epic, and side note: I am impressed by your collection

  3. Proably not seeing as how I wasnt around XD

  4. Wow, can you send me the URL? Hahah

  5. YES!! omg but that comments gotta be like a year old XD

  6. Olivia as my Facebook friend I encourage you to look at my personal information XD

  7. Ahh dreaded school :D, wait you're going back to school now? :stunned:

  8. Hey there Jackie! Yes is been a while :P I'm fire just a little tired and bores haha you?

  9. Me no Harry Potter Fan lmao sowwry

  10. I didnt go potter freak lmao XD

  11. I'm scared to XD I'm also scared cause I'm going to an open mic in a few mins and ex is gonna be there :P


  13. It's not as bad as you think :P I'm the kid who wears t shirts and JEANS in this weather :laugh3:

  14. We don't use C, but F. Today it's supposed to be 110F :stunned:

  15. It's cold here :P but now we got a massive heat wave! And XD whale Val

  16. Yes :D I have friends there! Sweden sounds nice...if I knew Swedish :P

  17. They ether like Lady Gaga, Beaver boy, Rap, and weird Fast Talking Dance Music that's not enjoyable to my nerdly tastes :P maybe I should move, eh but I'm 15

  18. I live in the town were people dont enjoy coldplay -_- you still have my address GOOGlE

  19. You live right by the water, and its a good thing XD

  20. Did you now....Kyle? Btw you live in a nice town :P

  21. I sent you a request but Billy Trademark Nguyen :P

  22. I wrote to Boeing in the 6th grade (They make airplanes) They wrote back and sent me 3 postcards, sadly I have 1 left since I screwed up the first one, but its ok, ENJOY :D

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