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  1. haha I play Coldplay songs everyday on the school piano during choir lmao. When they her Coldplay they say, "oh great it's Billy again :dozey:"

  2. haha Fix You all the bloody way!

  3. That's really tough. I love DLiBYH a lot :uhoh:

  4. Chris or Will :P You?

  5. We all can dream XD

  6. I'm...flying an airplane at the moment :uhoh:

  7. Hmm...what genre are they? Oh do you have a tumblr?

  8. Never heard of them :shocked:

  9. Well I'm from New Jersey so we're in our own sub-category of US accents :P Red-necks are just people in the south who talk funny and do stupid things.

  10. Blahahah. Well our states sound...redneckish...I dont think you have rednecks in the UK :P

  11. It's really hot and the pollen is out when it shouldn't be and I'm getting my allergies back :blank:

  12. Not at all hahah. A few of my music friends like them, but it's just me and another girl who are mega-fans :c what about you?

  13. 1:40PM EST, I'm assuming it's 5:40?

  14. The British one :P

  15. But no Doctor Who?! D:

  16. I like Sci-Fi :P Back to the Future, Transformers, Pixar Movies (UP, Wall-E, etc.) I also move comedy movies hahah. I watch Legend of Korra, Air Emergency (Mayday aka in the UK,) Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and the occasional Gilmore Girls XD

  17. I've only seen 1/2 of Billy Elliott haha. And that's about it.

  18. Nope :shame: and yes you are correct :wacko: Doctor Who Series 4 OST is excellent!

  19. I like OSTs (Movie Scores,) followed by alternative :P You?

  20. Ok that was weird o_o

  21. Taffy is like gum...only you can eat it and it's not as sticky :P

  22. TOOTSIE ROLL. It's like a chocolate that you can chew. It's like chocolate taffy. It's good :P

  23. The ones in front or after? Front means period, the last one means level. Me being grade 11, I now take level 3 classes (except US History because you start US History 1 in grade 10, not 9.)

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