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  1. When I unzipped the folder containing my mixtape, the first thing I noticed was an intersting and fun artwork, which features a man who's enlightened by a light of a screen??? No idea what it should represent. The second thing I noticed was the name of the mixtape: Mark II. Mark II??? Okay... So I put the 11 songs of this mixtape in the iTunes playlist, which made me notice one more thing - the artist of the mixtape was 86Timewarp. Oh why, why, whyyy would you do that. :lol: Don't worry, I don't hate you, I just don't like knowing who's my partner before posting my review. That didn't keep me from listening and reviewing the tape though, so here it is:


    1. The mixtape starts with a nice piano melody and some radio-news-reporter-like voice in the background. The whole song builds around this. I don't think I'll oftern return to it, but it's an interesting opener, I can say.


    2. Bass line which Vanilla Ice stole for his (wannabe) hit Ice Ice Baby. Then the legendary vocal duo of Bowie and Mercury. Everybody knows this song, it's Under Pressure by Queen ft. David Bowie. I was never really a big fan of Queen (I do respect them though), but I like this song. Maybe because of Bowie, maybe because of the always-catchy last chorus, which guarantees that this song will be stuck in my head today.


    3. Acoustic guitar intro and I already know what to expect - one of my favourite voices chanting about his fear of God and doubts about religion. This is Win Butler's septet and also one of my favourite bands. I haven't listened to the album Neon Bible in a long time, so thank you for reminding me of this song. I can't wait for their new album which comes in October, just in time for my birthday. I'm pretty sure that it will be a great birthday present :wacky:


    4. Simple organ intro and one of the most beautiful female voices singing "Regrets collect like old friends, here to relive your darkest moments..." I always admired Florence Welch's mighty voice and her powerful, orchestrated (if I can put it like that) band. "Shake it out, shake it out... And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off..." This songs brings a lot of memories and nostalgia. Thank you for putting it here :)


    5. Last two weeks I spent in a summer school in London. I met one guy there who's obsessed with this song. Despite hearing it on radio all the time, I never really paid attention to it before. So I could say that this guy introduced me to Imagine Dragons and their radio hit It's Time. It's not really my cup of tea, but hearing this song now brings me back to London and reminds me of awesome people I met there. So once again, thanks for putting this here.


    6. The beautiful female voice I wrote about earlier returns here. This is probably the first song by Florence + The Machine that I heard, but it's definetely the song that got me into them. Dog days are over, she sings... I'm a bit more pessimistic, so I'd say that dog days are going to start soon, in less than one month to be more precise. *sigh*


    7. This one is much more folkish than the previous songs. It's also the first song after the opener which I haven't heard before. I really like the singer's voice. It actually sounds quite familiar to me, something like Sufjan Stevens... I really like this one, what is it? :wacko:


    8. This is a short classical music piece. It actually fits really nice in this spot of the mixtape. Nice interlude :wacky:


    9. For the first few seconds I thought that this was going to be a techno song, which would totally destroy the feel of the tape, especially after the previous song, which was a piece of classical music... But then I noticed Jonsi's voice. :sweatdrop: I love this song, it's fun and cute and lovely, you just can't not enjoy it. :wacky:


    10. Eb, F#, B, C# and so on... One of the simplest and easiest songs to play on piano. And one of the most beautiful ones too. And no wonder why, it's been (at least partly) written by the same person who wrote the previous song. Jonsi and his bandmates from Sigur Ros have this ability to turn everything they touch into gold. And this song is no exception.


    11. How else to follow two Jonsi/Sigur Ros songs than with a classical music piece? The nostalgic atmosphere of this mixtape is concluded with this violin-family composition. Simple, but powerful and satisfying.


    Overall, even though I already knew the majority of these songs, I liked having them on this tape. I join mixtape exchanges mainly to hear new music and discover new artists, and I discovered only one new artist which I really liked this time. But I can see that there was some thought put into it, because the songs flow and segue really nicely together. This wasn't just a folder full of random songs. This was a nice trip to a part of my brain where memories and nostalgia live. And I respect that. So thank you very much for it! :wacky:


    I knew I did something wrong hahaha. Well glad you enjoyed it! The classical songs you heard was instramental music, so it wouldn't necessarily be classified as classical. But here's the track listing:


    1. Tiny Crescent Sun - Little Death Orchestra

    2. Under Pressure - Queen

    3. Antichrist Television Blues - Arcade Fire

    4. Shake it Out - Florence + The Machine

    5. It's Time - Imagine Dragons

    6. Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine

    7. Open Season - High Highs

    8. The Mission - Ennio Morricone

    9. Go Do - Jonsi

    10. Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros

    11. October Sky - March Isham

  2. Do not, buy a heavy weighted keyboard 2nd hand. Just don't. Btw, huge fan of your cover's Kacey!


    My teacher has a Korg SP250 and it's a very decent keyboard for $700. She guards the thing with her life so I would recommend it. I played it a few times and it has a nice feel.


    I recommend going to music shop though. Much like when buying camera lenses, you have to try it out in person to see.

  3. So I was helping my friend shoot a dance video and he plays the song for me prior to filming so I know what song it was. To my surprise it sounded just like Charlie Brown's outro. After listening to it I realized it was indeed the outro and it's not even the fact that the guy played the same riff on the piano, but he actually took the actual outro and looped it.


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klx-P5Zmjss]FROM ADAM (interlude) - Travis Garland - YouTube[/ame]

  4. ...Michael called us...uh...when we played Glastonbury for an enormous fee, I mean for free, we said $12 million, no we didn't, we said we'd love too. And I said to him, "who else is headlining?" he said the White Stripes and Kylie Minogue. Now the White Stripes played last night and we saw them and, I can't swear in front of my dad, but they were fucking great and uh...then of course Kylie Minogue had uh...that thing going on and so...we thought well, "Everybody's kinda paid to see Kylie so, should we kinda salute absence friends?"

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