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  1. Hahah yes and I got your Tumblr message :lol:

  2. FUN FUN FUN :angry:

  3. Sex ed was interesting :uhoh: this year is safety and depending on who I have....it'll be one graffic display of carnage...

  4. You'll do fine :nice: and yes gym for all 4 years :blank: 1MP is set aside for health :lol:

  5. Choir US History II English III (These two classes, the teachers are married ^ :lol:) Geometry CP Lunch Physics CP Gym :uhoh: Robotics (Because I had room :escaping:) Your? hahha

  6. Not ready for Junior year D:

  7. :DD That's sweet :nice: I'm fine, allergies, but I am well, you?

  8. You're the first person to ever say it :lol: thank you! :hug:

  9. Let me know how it goes :P

  10. :wreck: good luck :C

  11. I dont know what that means but I'll just smile like I understand :D

  12. :hug: congrats :nice:

  13. My brain's melting :wreck: Anyway, finish school?

  14. ah for a second I thought you said you loved me back as a joke and i completely ruined the whole joke...that or you really ment it :blank: :confused: :huh: o_o

  15. i'm sorry :shame: wait i'm really confused :wreck:

  16. No I'm just kidding? :uhoh:

  17. oh :blank: so I'm not the attractive guy you're looking for. BUT I LOVE YOU :bigcry:

  18. not the hair, but similar glasses :uhoh:

  19. looks like me :blank:

  20. Life saver :D

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