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  1. :whip: finish dem!

  2. Now send me YOUR pages :whip:

  3. Haha if only we could text lmao. But that's be expensive :shame:

  4. So my school choir did this competition at an Art's Festival and the lady said that our harmonies we're off, I dont think she looked at the music we supplied her because we sang a jazz version of Here There and Everywhere lmao

  5. Hey jack, I posted the chords for MMIX for you :nice:

  6. Thanks for the invite :D You can add me on facebook too if you want, I'm practically on 24/7 so dont hesitate to ask for music help if you wish :P

  7. thanks :greatscott:

  8. So he downgraded from an xBox to a PS with beer XD

  9. Stop making fun of me an my xBox :shame:

  10. no no, its only a time fee of $20

  11. hahah i know, its $20 :lol: and Java :awesome:

  12. haha sorry, i am busy as you can see, high school's hard haha you?

  13. haha i'm fine man thanks, how are you?

  14. LOL I didnt egt an email that you spammed me wall :shame: :hug:

  15. Thanks for the invite and welcome :P

  16. Lmao thank you for taking an interest in my desktop :lol: Charlie Brown - Coldplay Letterman 3:21

  17. Will they destroy time and space? :uhoh:

  18. So.....about the spoilers...

  19. o_o I just added you lmfao fail facebook

  20. ok :D did I tell you my assistant band director lost my ipod? and the main band director had to buy because the assistant was over due 3 months on getting me a new one? o_o

  21. :confused: damn you facebook -_- the IOS app sucks ahah

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