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  1. Wow excellent arrangement! Very impressive. Did you use a score-making software or do it by hand?


    Thanks Moses :awesome:


    I had to originally work off the Musicnotes sheet music which was where I wrote in everything, chords, scales, etc. But then I used Finale Songwriter on the PC to compose it.


    So a little of both, but mostly PC :P But for as simple as the song was, it was a bitch for write every little note :wreck:

  2. Holy shit I swear to God do you not go to school with me? My choir teacher told me the same thing. Nobody likes Coldplay at my school but they love the song XD. The song was a bitch to write too because I don't known music theory all too good. But thank you Anita :hugs:


    Hahaha Coldlocked :awesome: I made this way back in October and I didn't want to release the song until we performed it which was Dec 13 :P And thanks :nice:

  3. No he's using more complacated chords then just your basic major chords.


    Besides, the Champion has made a wonderful tutorial about how to play the song normally. This is like a ballad version, a more nice, raw, acoustic version. It's more complicated then just playing standard chords.


    Edit: I got the song off of iTunes, thank god, and it's a little more decent. I'll see if I can get anything.

  4. I mean the progression is similar but it's not flat-out plagiarism. Coldplay samples and borrows things from people and other arts do the same thing as well. You can't just patent a chord progression or a note sequence. Besides, it's only for a portion of the song. It's not like they copied Fix You entirely and just added new lyrics.


    A good example is Queen's Under Pressure. Queen wrote and published the song before Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby. He plagiarized Under Pressure because the whole song is the bass and piano progression of Under Pressure, right down to the tempo and timing. He didn't even give credit to Queen until after it became a hit success on the charts.

  5. November 27, 2012 - submitted by Ed, United States of America[/color][/b]


    Q. Would you ever consider having a contest for different bands to get the chance to open for Coldplay?



    The Oracle replies:


    We actually did do something like this a few years ago. It was U.S based and in conjunction with radio stations. There were some good entries but not sure that we'd repeat it - though who knows? Never say never.


    My choir teacher's friend actually won it and opened for them once. I forget his name though :thinking: My teacher keeps telling me because I'm the only Coldplayer in the whole music department :P

  6. :uhoh:




    “Coldplay announces the name of their new LP, ‘McSwag and His Friends’ Epic Rap Party.’ Although the title is a far cry from their last album, ‘Mylo Xyloto,’ frontman Chris Martin assures us that ‘[the album] is just something [they’ve] been working on for a while.’ He also said that the band’s new direction in rap came as a joke from close friend Jay-Z. ‘He said that [the band] should try making a rap album; it’s gonna f****** change the music industry!’ joking said Martin. He also confirmed that Brian Eno and pop sensation Rihanna will be helping the band co-produce the album. A release date hasn't been confirmed but Martin says that it will come in due time."



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