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  1. Thank you for sending me a link, I really appreciate it : )

  2. The AP's 2 days away! Do you feel like you're going to do well?

  3. Yeah textbooks are probably different (our's has a goldfish jumping from one bowl to another lol), but I'm assuming the chapter set up would be identical since the AP exam we'll take will be the same. Hahaha I know right? I really can't imagine them stepping it up even more after this last tour, maybe they'll choose smaller venues instead next time? Truth be told, all we really want are new songs lol! Any expectations on when you think LP6 will be dropping?

  4. Well around Ch 23 is when things get bad haha. It's like a bunch of ridiculous writing that shouldn't have to be in a math class. Good luck when you get there! I agree, they've become a part of the band. Maybe next time they should hand out like baseball caps with lights :wacky:

  5. Definitely, that would be amazing. But I just don't see them repeating things since this era was like all about colors and stuff. It wouldn't make sense unless LP6 is really similar to MX. Haha yes, first things first, LP6. Congratulations on getting accepted! : ) I've actually gotten accepted too with a decent scholarship offer :wacky: Aw that sucks. Most of my classes are alright, but stats is annoying. Okay so random, but for your stats class do you guys also have to write ridiculously lengthy sentences to describe the answer (like the Ho and Ha hypothesis garbage)?

  6. That makes sense. Oooh that Xylobands must have been amazing from a view that's a bit back. I'm still jealous that you've been to 2 concerts already! They need to release LP6 already and start up a new tour. How's your school year going?

  7. Happy late new year lol! :lol: I hope all is going well for you in school/life. And it was amazing. Anyone who says this tour wasn't the best is crazy. Whoa...lucky you! It must have been an amazing experience. So between the 2 concerts you went to, which one did you like the most? I see haha. Hope you're feeling better! :elmo:

  8. Whoa have you seen Live 2012 yet?

  9. You're prolly the coolest person ever :D Hope to see you on Live 2012 :)

  10. Lol at that rate it'll only take 18 hours to download it :( Hopefully it'll speed up sometime soon! Have you watched the whole show yet or are you going to watch it after it's done downloading? Oooh, hope your auditions went well : ) On a completely 100% off topic note, wtf did I just watch?- [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HHGp74rtEA&feature=related"]National Crystal Meth Hallucination League, clip 2 - YouTube[/ame]

  11. It's your lucky day! Here's the whole show- [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIRHMmM2z7c&feature=plcp"]Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games - YouTube[/ame] Have fun downloading it all :laugh3:

  12. I'll definitely let you know if I find something! Although I'd imagine it'd be sometime tomorrow since all the European members are probably sleeping right now lol and they're usually the ones who work with the multimedia section. :P I know you probably want to watch the show in it's entirety, but I just came across Strawberry Swing again on YouTube and it's soooooo fucking amazing. : ) [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ykjFhu48f8&feature=player_embedded"]Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony London 2012 Coldplay Ft Rihanna Part 2 - YouTube[/ame] Lhuna is so interesting! It's got this space-y feel to it and I like it. The B sides truly are amazing, which once again leads to the dilemma of why haven't we gotten any B sides (besides MTM) this era! :angry:

  13. Aw that's a shame, it was such an amazing show. Everything was so freaking perfect. Strawberry Swing was absolutely amazing :heart: Paradise has never sounded better and the fireworks during ETIAW were amazing :dazzled: I'm sure a better quality will be up soon in the multimedia section. :hug: I'd love to get a download of it too, it was such a great show. In other news I discovered this today- [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEObcK9qqKQ"]Coldplay - Sleeping Sun - YouTube[/ame] It's such a great song, not sure whether or not you've heard it before.

  14. My SAT score wasn't what I wanted so I took the ACT since everyone says it's much easier than the SAT and it in fact was. So I'm really glad that I took it. Those 4 are my favorites too, plus Til Kingdom Come. Viva is probably my all favorite though since it has so many awesome songs. I know! It should be on TV here too, but noooooooo NBC is stupid. Yay for watching it online! I wonder what songs they'll perform, any predictions? :mickey:

  15. Lol I didn't even know Palladia was a US channel :P I would think that X&Y songs would be easier to cover since most of them are somewhat acoustic, then again I have like no musical knowledge. I've been listening to ALOT of that recently and I think it's such an amazing album. :dazzled: I recently got my ACT scores back and I did quite well for myself so I've kinda been on a 'high' from that lol. Gosh that's probably the nerdiest thing that I've ever said. Anyways, it's quite well I guess. I'm hating the lack of sleep that I'm getting, but besides that I guess it's going well. Are you going to be watching the Paralympics performance tomorrow? I'm so excited for it! :hat:

  16. Wow, that sounds really nice :) They're definitely worth it when there's really not anything else to do. I only found 1 from the Viva days and it's not exactly a 'full' concert. Anyways, it's this one- [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_COMhJ4upG0"]Coldplay MTV World Stage 2009 Full Concert HD 720p - YouTube[/ame] That's weird, why would your school start on a Thursday rather than a Monday? :confused: Enjoy your last few days! :cool:

  17. Hey! How have you been doing? I'm assuming you were gone visiting colleges? My sleep schedule has turned around like 100% ever since school started last week. Gosh the amount of work I am getting is terrible :( Thankfully I haven't started procrastinating....yet Does your school start next week? Just all the standard concerts I guess, here are a few- [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DmDfFpAt6E"]Coldplay live in Toronto 2006 HD (Full) - YouTube[/ame] [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua9145Ws4m8"]Coldplay Live Glastonbury 2011 therebels matrix - YouTube[/ame] [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll-GEfFl9hM"]Coldplay - Live in Köln @E-Werk - 1Live Radiokonzert [HQ] - YouTube[/ame] [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0DAzVQLxYM"]Coldplay - Rock In Rio 2011 Full Show HD (Show Completo) - YouTube[/ame] (I like this one the most) Anyways good luck with downloading all that lol :P

  18. The same happens for me! It's like I've got a different song stuck in my head every day. It's kind of weird how obsessed we all are, but honestly it's really fun. :lol: Yeah that definitely sounds like a better topic. What's the length needed for your essays? Good luck on finishing it up.

  19. I looked over the common application for Texas schools last night and the essays prompts are leaving me a bit confused. I'm definitely going to have to ask someone when school starts. I'm jealous of how confident you are! So how long are you going to be on your 'road trip'? Haha I always try to incorporate Coldplay into what I say! :D

  20. That's great! :) Good luck with it! I was looking up info on applying to the places I want to go to last night and I feel SOO overwhelmed :( There's too much stuff to do and I feel soo (t-t-tired and) under prepared. Watching golf is exponentially worse than actually playing it. It's not so bad.

  21. Yup, it's the PGA Championship. It's like the 4th biggest tournament of the year (last major of the year), so it's kind of a big deal for those interested in golf. It ended about an our or so ago, so who knows. I used to play alot, but I kinda gave up on it. I understand, plus it's alot easier to move and visit family!

  22. No need to apologize at all! It's kind of a fun song, I definitely like it and I think you will too. Hahaha golf :blush: My sleep schedule is still an absolute wreck, unfortunately I'm going to have to fix it very soon. So are you thinking of staying in state for college?

  23. Don't know if you're a OneRepublic fan, but I came across this a few hours back- [ame="http://soundcloud.com/umusic-backstage/onerepublic-feel-again"]OneRepublic - Feel Again by Universal Music Backstage on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame] It's a half leak of the first single from their next album. Reminds me ALOT of Coldplay, plus it's like 'feel good' music.

  24. That's awesome that you got to meet a roadie! Did you guys talk about anything cool? It sucks that you didn't get upgraded, but from the pictures it still looks like you had a pretty nice view! :) That's a cool looking shirt. Sounds like you had a fun time!

  25. Ah I see, well I'd much rather do something to help someone out than be doing things that would end up hurting me or causing any others issues in the future. I understand, good night! Nice to meet you Hannah, I'm Kumail! :)

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