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  1. [IMG] Do you have the large one about right side and give me it? Chris is so charming! :)

  2. [IMG] This is amazing!!!!!!! :)

  3. [IMG] Hello, I'm Yu-tong. This pic is awesome. :dazzled: Would you like to tell me the story about it? Thanks! :nice:

  4. Actually I am a little worried about the letter may not fly to you. :( I sent a postcard to Poland on 3 Nov. And she received three days ago. And the secret santa project, I sent it on 14 Nov. She received it today. And I sent the letter to you was on 23 Oct. You haven't got it. What do you think? :cry:

  5. Actually I don't get this. Go Bolt! 0 . 0

  6. Actually I have to study and prepare exams for entering college until 29 July. haha Well, hope your holiday is great! :D

  7. After 56 hours, I will sit in the place and have five kinds of subjects to test. OHHHHHHH A little bit nervous. :\ Do you like DOMO? Why? I watch it dancing or something during the break time of TV. Cute and sometimes I don't get what it is doing. :lol: [IMG] (BTW, that's my phone. That Domo was a gift by one of my classmates. :) ) Almost 2/3 classmates in class of mine use smart phones. <- Games are interesting to play, really. If I ask you what kind of mobile phone you have, will it be too personal? (You can answer me! :P) Have a good day!

  8. After reading what you said, I feel better. Thank you. And thank you that you will help me! :) Sherlock, they almost talk at high speed! I am also glad that I have Chinese subtitles. I bought DVD this week. And I received it today. :lol: [IMG] I start loving Benedict! (But I still prefer love Martin Freeman. :lol:) Which actor you like the most? My class: 43 people. Oh, I have no time to reply you fully. :stunned: :\

  9. Although I've sent the message to you that I got your letter, I still want to talk about it here. :P I am never so happy. :nice: Just Happy Happy and Happy. :laugh3: It's time for me to think what I can write for you. :dance:

  10. Anything special for Christmas? Well, join coldplaying secret santa project (it's interesting.) and send cards to people I value. In Taiwan we don't have Christmas holiday. But we have a little break between Dec 29 to Jan 1. (New Year break, but we have to work and go to school at Dec 22) And final exam is during Jan 14 to 18. Thanks for telling me your experience. It's useful to me. :) Look Back in Anger seems like a classic play. I hope one day I can seat in the theater and watch Ben Whishaw performance. What a dream! :lol: I'm fine. Thank you. But I have a little surgery on Dec 28. It's okay. The doctor will cut some.. I don't know how to say that. And they tested it. If it is good, I will be fine. If it is bad, that means I have a cancer. :anxious:

  11. BB Brunes's music sounds like Arctic Monkeys. I don't know why. :thinking: I like Cœur de pirate. :) How many days of your summer vacation? We often have 2 months. But if people are college students, it will be longer. (Are you a college student now?) Do you like sitting in the sun? :cool: Have a nice Sunday! :rolleyes:

  12. But it's worth doing it, right? :nice: If you can take course of learning one or two foreign language in college, what will you take, Japanese, Spanish, French, or German? And why? :)

  13. Cabin Pressure is a radio series right? Benedict Cumberbatch! wow It's on my list now. :laugh3: Yes, I did. :P And I've watched DW 2x09. Oh btw your avatar is lovely. Nice hat. :laugh3: Thank you. :) Would you mind I follow your twitter? :P Happy New Year! :nice:

  14. Clairounette Thank you following my twitter. :) Oh, I can't read most of your tweets because I can't understand French. :P

  15. Colin Morgan is so young. I think I won't watch it because it has too many episodes. :thinking: haha really. I borrow The Art of Thor and Thor. Well, Loki is really charming. Will you be excited about Thor 2? I hope Thor 2 will be better than Thor. War Horse is a film? I'd like to watch it. shh I'm doing illegal thing. :lipsrsealed2: Although I don't have Christmas holiday, I have Chinese New Year holiday between January and February. It's complicated to explain. :sick: I'm back to read and finish my homework. Do you know a book called "Word Power Made Easy"? That's sucks. I don't like to memorize suffix, root,.. They are really boring. The only good thing is that it made me realize what House said. That's all. Do you like House M.D.? :cool:

  16. College is good, learning totally different knowledge. But I hate homework. (haha always. :P) The first mid-term exam is coming. I'm nervous about that. And I have no time to play the guitar. :|

  17. Dear Ceren, I receive your card today! It's truly amazing. And I do love it. Thanks a million! Hope you have a nice Christams holiday. :kiss: :nice: Yu-tong xx

  18. Do you get my private message? I have no idea how to thank you. :nice:

  19. Everything is not sure. So, please forgive me that I can't tell you. Oh, I love English. :D

  20. Finish watching 2x01 , did Sherlock save Irene Adler? Will she show up in last two episodes? It confused me. :o ____ Can you give me your large profile picture by links or something? Thank you. :)

  21. Haha never mind. A female actually. You can watch my cover of Fix You w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=XgxOCy2Epro to hear my voice. Mmm but I guess it can't prove anything. :lol: Does my profile pic confuse you? :D Why you think I'm a male? Just a feeling? I'm curious. :rolleyes: People, the strangers the clerks... etc. , always think I'm a little boy. :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: Two weeks ago, when I was walking on the street, an old lady came and asked me, "Are you a girl?" I said "Yes. " Maybe she had a question in her mind in seconds and wanted to know the answer instantly. I was so surprised anyway. :cool:

  22. Haha thank you but I have an important exam on 20 May, so I don't have time to learn it. :\ Can you tell me what I can't ask in France? Age? I don't know what can't be asked in other countries. What do you think? :)

  23. haha well, nice to meet you. :nice:

  24. Haha Yes. I used to be a high school student, so I know what you think! :P You study in music? I'm curious about "practice violin".

  25. haha you're right. That's true. :nice:

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