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  1. I must have memory loss or something. :|

  2. Thanks for the explanation. :) Oh, did I do that? :O

  3. I have a question, Celien. Allons-y is french, right? But do people use "Allons-y" in casual conversation? :)

  4. Thank you. And Happy new year! :nice:

  5. Thank you. :) Yeah I'm very looking forward to it. And I hope the weather can be warmer. Happy New Year! :nice:

  6. Cabin Pressure is a radio series right? Benedict Cumberbatch! wow It's on my list now. :laugh3: Yes, I did. :P And I've watched DW 2x09. Oh btw your avatar is lovely. Nice hat. :laugh3: Thank you. :) Would you mind I follow your twitter? :P Happy New Year! :nice:

  7. The card is amazing. Maybe you will join it next time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :nice: I wish I lived in London as well. :laugh3: Thank you Cecilia. :kiss: When I was in the surgery, the doctor said it seems good. I found some people said the end of The Hour series 2 is very suffering. I haven't watched them all so I don't know that. Oh :\ Would you mind I ask who's your avatar now? :)

  8. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas break! :nice: I received it today! Thank you Frank. There are so many stuff in the little package! :kiss: I will start to draw as soon as possible. My final exam is on Jan. And Chinese New Year break is Feb. So I may draw it in February. :)

  9. Peep Show is good to watch? I'll watch it maybe. (I have a lot of TV series to watch. ) I have tired of watching CSI LV, CSI Miami, and CSI NY. I used to love it. :uhoh: But I still remember they gave me a good time. :nice: I like House M.D. , The Hour, Doctor Who, Sherlock, True Blood, etc. Not too much. Maybe you can introduce more to me. And I can dig more. I'd love to devote my time watching TV series. :lol: Hope you have a goooooooooooood Christmas break! :nice:

  10. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas break! :lol: Recently, I like the word "fantastic". Maybe it's because Doctor said it too many times. :nice: I'm going to watch series two. :) When my cousin and I watch Christmas Invasion, she thinks the new doctor's acting is too exaggerated. How do I convince her he is not? :P Oh, by the way, when I saw this, I think of you right away. :lol: [IMG] I'm going to preparing exams. :smart:

  11. Hope you have a good Christmas break. :nice: I haven't watched Skyfall yet because I'm waiting the second run theater. It needs time I think. I might watch it again and again at that time. And my family will think I'm crazy. :laugh3:

  12. Would you allow me say everywhere? Of course I'd like to visit to London. It seems there are a lot of chances to bump into actors I like. :lol: I want to sit in the theater and watch Ben Whishaw/Tom Hiddleston/Andrew Scott play on stage if I have money to buy tickets. :dazzled: I have a plan: After I graduate from college and earn enough money, I want to apply CSV. I'm sure I will know more about UK at that time. :awesome: Hope you have a fantastic Christmas break! :nice: (my final exams are coming. :smart:

  13. Law? It sounds pretty difficult. I think the lectures I have is easy. I mean, if you do read articles the teachers told so again and again and handle schoolwork in time, it won't be a problem for me. :lol: Umm, I play the guitar. I bought an uke last week. It's a lovely instrument. There's no Christmas break here. So the final exam of this semester is on Jan. (It's coming. NO :uhoh: ) And Chinese New Year break is on Feb. Hope you have a good Christmas break. :nice:

  14. Merry Christmas! :nice: Not too bad. I'm kind of busy. :( What about you? I'm preparing for the final exam. The exam is during Jan 14-18. Yep. There's no Christmas break here. But we have Chinese New Year break on Feb.

  15. Merry Christmas and happy new year! :nice:

  16. Anything special for Christmas? Well, join coldplaying secret santa project (it's interesting.) and send cards to people I value. In Taiwan we don't have Christmas holiday. But we have a little break between Dec 29 to Jan 1. (New Year break, but we have to work and go to school at Dec 22) And final exam is during Jan 14 to 18. Thanks for telling me your experience. It's useful to me. :) Look Back in Anger seems like a classic play. I hope one day I can seat in the theater and watch Ben Whishaw performance. What a dream! :lol: I'm fine. Thank you. But I have a little surgery on Dec 28. It's okay. The doctor will cut some.. I don't know how to say that. And they tested it. If it is good, I will be fine. If it is bad, that means I have a cancer. :anxious:

  17. Thank you. :lol: And I've been addicted to Ben Whishaw for four months. Before it, I didn't notice he acts as Grenouille in Perfume. :awesome: He's such a brilliant actor. My blog is full of him. haha :P

  18. You need to wait because I have been busy recently. Sorry for it.:\ I don't know why I'm busy, schoolwork, work, etc :angry: I also only read books I bought or I borrowed from the library. I got some PDF (books), but I haven't started reading them. If I have time, I will do it. Okay I will take your advice. Thank you. :kiss: When does your holiday begin and end by which day? <- I feel my English is bad again. :embarrassed: Have a nice weekend! :nice:

  19. Well, it's hard to explain. A very illegal thing and complex to say. I can PM you or something. (It includes you have to log in a website, use someone's account, and download something you want. Someone share its account with many stuff.) About those books, you still can do some illegal thing for it. OMG I am a bad teenager but I buy albums, books. (I still feel guilty sometimes.) Would you mind take a picture of what you see, I mean the snow? It sounds amazing. I seldom have chances to see the snow unless I climb up the top of mountains in Taiwan. :lol: I just watched Doctor Who 1x01. Plastic something terrified me. (It makes me remember the first time I watched X-files.) And I really want to see David Tennant in it. When did he appear in it for the first time? I kind of want to skip s1. But if you recommend it, I will watch it. :lol:

  20. Ohhh we have something in common. :lol: Not too bad thank you :) My final exam is on 14-18 January. Then Chinese New Year comes at February. Three weeks maybe. Good luck for your exams! I can't agree with you more. :dazzled: Ben is really good at acting. You should try to watch Criminal Justice. It's great. But it's heavy. Or listen to Cock by Ben and Andrew Scott. :awesome: I'd really love to visit UK (in the future). It's the dream place for me. :P

  21. I've listened Cock. And Sea Wall is awesome though it's sad. Okay. Would you mind I ask what else do you watch? Take care. :nice:

  22. Thanks for advice. :P Besides what you mention, I also do an illegal thing about Einstein and Eddington. It seems interesting. And I also can't wait he read How to Train Your Dragon and On Her Majesty's Secret Service for me. Good luck for your exams! My final exams is on 14-18 January. Chinese New Year is on February. I will have a short break at that time. (I can't wait summer vacation. Well, it's too early to talk about it now. :laugh3:)

  23. Thanks for asking me. Not too bad. :nice: The weather is getting cold. I hate cool stream. It makes me want to sleep more. I should get up at 7 or 8 a.m. but in fact, I may get up at 9 or 10 a.m. I'd love to use the time well in the morning, but I can't. :laugh3: I am a freshman in college. It's evening school. And I study in English. (Most of it is literature.) What about you? :)

  24. Hey there. I'm Yu-tong. I think I will watch a lot of Andrew Scott's works in following days. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you. :nice: Due to your profile pic, I'm not sure you only love Moriarty or the whole person of him. Sorry for poor English. :P Andrew Scott is awesome. :awesome: I think I may begin watching My life in film first. Also, I'm expecting The Town. Have a nice day! :)

  25. Thanks for explaining! :) Besides Doctor Who, do you have other suggestions about his work or I should just watch it right away? :laugh3: The most crazy thing I do recently is that I watch/listen The Hollow Crown and read Shakespeare's work at the same time although the books I borrowed from the library are old. :lol:

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