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  1. How have you been recently? :)

  2. Dear Ceren, I receive your card today! It's truly amazing. And I do love it. Thanks a million! Hope you have a nice Christams holiday. :kiss: :nice: Yu-tong xx

  3. Thanks for the explanation. :) Oh, did I do that? :O

  4. You are welcome! :) If you can take course of learning one or two foreign language in college, what will you take, Japanese, Spanish, French(haha ignore this:D), or German? ^I totally have no idea. They are all great. :rolleyes: Uh, German is third language to you? In September, I will be a college student. What about you?:cool:

  5. Have you ever played Coldplay's songs by the violin? How is your feel when you play it? :lol:

  6. Thank you but I don't have any big plans, reading novels, covering songs by guitar, watching many TV series, playing with cats, and hanging out watching movies with friends. I'm really bad at singing. lol After you go home, you will have to read many Coldplay news! :rolleyes: I get what you mean. :) So, will you do summer jobs in the future? In Taiwan, some restaurants(such as Mcdonalds) have home delivery service by scooter. :laugh3: Have you ever tried bubble tea? :rolleyes: When cousins and I traveled in Japan (now all I remember is walk and eat. :lol:), we found bubble tea there. But it tasted terrible and it was expensive. haha Would you mind I ask what will you major in college? Will you take courses learning foreign languages, which one you would like to learn? Hope your trip is great! :)

  7. This. "how can i please you now?" Because I don't know how to reply to you. :embarrassed:

  8. I don't know why I'm busy too. :sick: You change the profile pic! Who's he? :lol: I've already finished watching The Hollow Crown. Why Henry died so fast? I know in the history he died when he was young. By the way, I found the British history book in the library. The book is written in English not Chinese. I will borrow it one day. :laugh3: I hope this year will end with high speed because I want to quit this job and find another job in next summer. (We don't have Christmas holiday. :sick:)

  9. Thanks for telling me. :)

  10. After 56 hours, I will sit in the place and have five kinds of subjects to test. OHHHHHHH A little bit nervous. :\ Do you like DOMO? Why? I watch it dancing or something during the break time of TV. Cute and sometimes I don't get what it is doing. :lol: [IMG] (BTW, that's my phone. That Domo was a gift by one of my classmates. :) ) Almost 2/3 classmates in class of mine use smart phones. <- Games are interesting to play, really. If I ask you what kind of mobile phone you have, will it be too personal? (You can answer me! :P) Have a good day!

  11. Hey, I just want to say hi. I am Yu-tong. :D I watched Sherlock recently. Well, I haven't finished watching s1e3. We, me and my cousins, watch it when we have the dinner. I love John saying "Sherlock, Sherlock, Sherlock, Sherlock!" LOL Your tumblr is lovely. :)

  12. I am busy, too. I have to study, study, and study. And recently, I feel so tired. As a high school student in Taiwan, I have to wake up at 6 am, and then arrive at school at 7 am. The end of school is 5 pm. Be home is about 5:45 pm. If I finish studying at home, I will go to bed around 11 pm to 1 am. I have an important exam on May 20. If I get good grades, I can enter the college I want. On weekends, I will go to the library and study from 8 am to 5pm. I only have 53 days to prepare. :o

  13. Skinny Love is the most impressive song for me. And actually, I don't know much about them. :P Umm, or can you chat with me here? I would ask some questions. And they might be strange. Thank you. :lol:

  14. I must have memory loss or something. :|

  15. Hi Caroline. I want the xyloband! How to pay the shipping? Please teach me. :) I live in Taiwan. Thank you!

  16. Wow, you must be Joel. Have a good day! :lol: (It is 10:00 a.m. here.)

  17. BB Brunes's music sounds like Arctic Monkeys. I don't know why. :thinking: I like Cœur de pirate. :) How many days of your summer vacation? We often have 2 months. But if people are college students, it will be longer. (Are you a college student now?) Do you like sitting in the sun? :cool: Have a nice Sunday! :rolleyes:

  18. Wow, that link helps me a lot. Thank you! :) But I feel panic about that because my English is not good, especially about the hearing part. So, I am not sure that I have ability to understand every sentence they say. :cry: In Taiwan, we, as a normal person, speak Mandarin for most of time. (It's about 96%) English is only used in class, English class. (It's about 4%) And we don't have much time to practice speaking it. English is always for test in high school. :dozey: My part maybe be 85% for Mabdarin and 15% for English. <-- I feel that my English grammar is also bad because I don't know how to use it correct. The time I use English is that when I listen to music, sing, and read articles from everything I love. Of course it includes here. :P Well, I don't know what to say next. haha it's kinda sad, isn't it? :laugh3: I have an important exam on 20 May. I feel so nervous. :stunned:

  19. Some people are really excellent. But I think I am not the one of them. Do you meet or know any Taiwanese? :P

  20. Thank you! :nice: Would it be better if I read Shakespeare's work first? I'm afraid that I don't know what they act. :stunned: I decide to borrow them from the library tomorrow. :lol: I'm a fresher in this year, and major in English. So, I think I can't escape from Shakespeare. :laugh3: After reading them, I can finally see Tom Hiddleston in it! Oh, but it may take two weeks at least. :nod: How are you? :rolleyes:

  21. You are welcome. :) May I send the request to your FB?:rolleyes:

  22. I like Sherlock Holmes, too. We went to theater to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with cheap tickets three weeks ago. It was second-run. The end was lovely still although I felt sad at first. :) Most of time, I like to watch movies by actors who I like. Such as Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Anthony Hopkins, and Simon Pegg. But I love to watch all kinds of movies. My favorite film is probably to be Fight Club because I still remember many good quotes from it. And they're useful for me. :)

  23. What? "It said"? :lol: :lol: :lol: I'd love to have a long hair, but it would kill me. It's not easy to wash long hair and dry it. :laugh3:

  24. Helene, nice to meet you, too. I'm not good at speaking English, actually. :P What's your favorite song of Coldplay? Is the country you live cold? I live in Taiwan. It never snows. But in the high mountain, yes. Do you know Alexander Skarsgård? He is amazing. haha I love True Blood because of him. :)

  25. Merry Christmas and happy new year! :nice:

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