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  1. I totally agree what you said. :nice: Okay,.. I have no idea what I have to type now.. Did you join secret santa project?

  2. Part two: Chris Cornell - You Know My Name. <--- I love this song so much. After watching Casino Royale, you can search that song on youtube. CD version or Live version are good. :) Well, the first play of Skyfall is on 2 Nov in Taiwan. Due to it's very famous, I think I can watch second-run in two month. I need to save money as much as possible. Okay, I see. :) I update an article about The Hollow Crown at my blog www.wretch.cc/blog/a891692005/34937502 . But I think it's too complicated for me to explain the whole plot. :laugh3:

  3. Part one: Nervous about finding a job? I thought it was easy to work at the bank if people study accounting. :surprised: For me, maybe I can find a job about teaching other country people Chinese. But I have to get the some kind of certification. I'm not sure anyway. :dizzy2: Have you ever thought about "working holiday", "Community Service Volunteers", or "WWOOF"? That seems cool. But I have to earn more money first. :lol: (I have no idea Ben played Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. I'm very surprised about it. When I was 13 or 14, I watched Perfume DVD and had lunch at the same time. :P) Cecilia you must watch Casino Royale (2006). It's awesome ever. And James Bond is really hot. :dazzled: But when I recall my memory, I feel sad. I can't tell you the plot, right? :laugh3: I think Quantum of Solace (2008) is so so because Casino Royale is too perfect. :lol:

  4. Colin Morgan is so young. I think I won't watch it because it has too many episodes. :thinking: haha really. I borrow The Art of Thor and Thor. Well, Loki is really charming. Will you be excited about Thor 2? I hope Thor 2 will be better than Thor. War Horse is a film? I'd like to watch it. shh I'm doing illegal thing. :lipsrsealed2: Although I don't have Christmas holiday, I have Chinese New Year holiday between January and February. It's complicated to explain. :sick: I'm back to read and finish my homework. Do you know a book called "Word Power Made Easy"? That's sucks. I don't like to memorize suffix, root,.. They are really boring. The only good thing is that it made me realize what House said. That's all. Do you like House M.D.? :cool:

  5. The Hour seems cool. But I haven't started watching it. :lol: I'm fine. If I can earn more money, I'll be very fine. :laugh3: You're high school or college student? I'm a freshman this year. I study in foreign languages and literature. (Most of them is English.) I need to read and absorb many stuff. :S Will you go to watch the new 007 movie? (I will watch it in second run theater, so I need to wait.:P) Do you know Ben plays Q? It will be cool. Watch actors I love on the big screen. I only know little about Q. I like Daniel Craig by the way. :dazzled: Yes, I live in Taiwan. That's cool. Why your parents visited Taiwan? For business? People in Taiwan are really friendly, and so am I. :lol: If you get a chance to go to Taiwan, you will love this little island. Although some people are not good at speaking English, they're still trying to communicate with you. :nice: Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :lol:

  6. Hey Celine, sorry for replying late. It's very late. :stunned: Your advice is useful to me. Thank you. :nice: Next summer, I want to quit the job and find another job because the paid that working at school is very low. I earn €264.5 every month.(Total hours are 97 hours per month.) I can save €52.6 in the bank maybe. (The cost of eating and riding the scooter is about €157. It's necessary.) And I may buy textbooks(I used to buy second hand. It's cheap.), novels, albums, new strings for my guitar.. Yeah, the money will be gone. :| Ahhhhhhhh ^ it's very annoying, isn't it? :lol: And also, I realize graduating from college you will just get a paper. Find a good job? It depends on your ability. (or you have a very good family, do family business or something. Well, I don't.) How was your feel about joining secret santa project last year? Did you prepare it for a long time? I'm curious. :rolleyes:

  7. I got the letter today! Thank you! It looks awesome! :nice: I will find an awesome postcard for you soon! You really make my day. :)

  8. I don't know why I'm busy too. :sick: You change the profile pic! Who's he? :lol: I've already finished watching The Hollow Crown. Why Henry died so fast? I know in the history he died when he was young. By the way, I found the British history book in the library. The book is written in English not Chinese. I will borrow it one day. :laugh3: I hope this year will end with high speed because I want to quit this job and find another job in next summer. (We don't have Christmas holiday. :sick:)

  9. Have you ever played Coldplay's songs by the violin? How is your feel when you play it? :lol:

  10. Haha Yes. I used to be a high school student, so I know what you think! :P You study in music? I'm curious about "practice violin".

  11. Not too bad. If I don't need to read and prepare for studying, it would be better. :laugh3: I am a college student. If the teacher asks us to read many stuff at home, is that called "homework" or something else? I don't have any concept about it. :|

  12. Although I've sent the message to you that I got your letter, I still want to talk about it here. :P I am never so happy. :nice: Just Happy Happy and Happy. :laugh3: It's time for me to think what I can write for you. :dance:

  13. Sorry for replying late. :"( Would you mind I ask "how are you"? :lol:

  14. Hello Cecilia. Sorry for replying late. :| Thanks for your explanation! That's cool. I'd like to watch The Hour because it seems great. I prefer Ben Whishaw has long hair as he acts in The Hollow Crown. :lol: How are you? :)

  15. Do you get my private message? I have no idea how to thank you. :nice:

  16. This. "how can i please you now?" Because I don't know how to reply to you. :embarrassed:

  17. Thanks a million! :nice: Uh, I'm kind of frightened by you last sentence. Sorry. :|

  18. Would you do me a favor? Please see the thread about What's Your Latest School Timetable? I guess everyone can see the pictures now. :sick: Thank you!

  19. Yes, I take a part-time job at school. Through this week, all process was working successfully. But next week, the new semester begins. So, maybe there are a lot of students will appear suddenly and may ask many questions at the same time. :( I get it. :nod: And, sorry for replying late. :sick:

  20. The last one is lovely! :blush: Maybe that gif is too big or title is not good? :awesome:

  21. Sorry, , my English is poor. :lol: So, you start a new semester of college? I start it next week too. I hope the class I chose the teacher is good. I mean I hope I can understand what the teacher said. :P Yeah, that's really good. Today Henry part 2 I watched. Not finished yet. [IMG] I love your black background and pink line. :nice: I should change mine. lol

  22. Your profile picture is Richard II? Is he good as an actor? :awesome: Hello, I'm Yu-tong. :nice:

  23. Work... it's not bad. But I need to remember all details. :| 1. In the office. I have to pick up the phone, solve the problem that he or she ask me, or dial other numbers for him or her. Open the classroom for students. When they all leave, I have to close it and turn off all equipments. Make sure the professor have enough whiteboard markers. Key some stuff into the computer.. etc. 2. In little library with computers (students borrow DVD and watch it in the library or books which prove your English. They can't carry it out.). Be a librarian. Sometimes, I just hope the time, when I am working, the time runs faster. If I was there at 8 a.m., I wish next second, the time could be 12 p.m. Okay, I know it's impossible. :sick: I love Sherlock. :laugh3: What is Luther about? :) Now the series I watch list: CSI NY, House, and The Hollow Crown. I love some cooking tv show, such as Jamie Oliver. Thanks for your explanations! :D

  24. So, your college begins at December? Would you mind to tell me what's you're major? YEAHHHHHH :blush: Today I watched Richard II. I felt a little sad for him. :| By the way, the whole play is almost the same with Shakespeare's work. :rolleyes:

  25. LOL :laugh3: :laugh3: :laugh3:

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